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Why a Microsoft buyout of Sega Corporation is possible soon


Rumors are floating around that Microsoft is looking to buy the Sega Corporation. While this is more a culmination of internet zeitgeist, it may happen.

Microsoft recently bought Zenimax for $7.5 billion, gaining many AAA studios in the process. Sony is likely reeling from this purchase, but it’s about to get worse. Sega Corporation is among the best candidates for a buyout, among many others.

Microsoft poised to get a Japanese company

Microsoft is looking to get itself more studios in the near future. Company CEO Satya Nadella confirmed as much, saying they aren’t done yet. The common idea at the moment is that Xbox will look at finding a way to dominate the Japanese games market.

It’s not too farfetched for Xbox to try and nab itself one big Japanese studio. Its presence in Japan is virtually zero, mostly due to nationalist tendencies in the region. Japan likes to support local, and they have Sony and Nintendo for that.

Microsoft has many juicy studios they can buy in Japan. Some of them include Konami, Capcom, but there’s also Sega. Sega is in a pretty tight spot right now in Japan, and Microsoft can save them.

So far, Sega had a pretty downtrodden year, with most of their business down due to COVID-19. Their entire business portfolio, from pachinkos to resorts, are losing money. The only profitable business they have are video games.

Sega promised that it’s going to be “aggressive” with PC ports. Even then, the company is still reeling from the pandemic. They even closed down their iconic Sega Akihabara building, which means it should be prime for a Microsoft buyout.

Microsoft will take its time

While Sega Corporation is ripe for the picking, Microsoft can’t swoop in as it is. The tech giant is still likely looking into other choices in the region. Even then, the internet is somehow trying to make things happen.

Xbox will have a Tokyo Games Show keynote this week. They will present different things that their Japanese audience would likely love. Xbox said it will show off Microsoft Flight Simulator, more Minecraft, and Japanese games.

Microsoft confirmed, however, that there will be no announcement about new acquisitions. This news, however, doesn’t say there will never be.

Portfolio-wise, Capcom is a better pick than Sega at the moment. They’re more valuable and have more active IPs. Even then, Sega has Persona (via Atlus) and the Yakuza franchise.

A Sega Corporation buyout from Microsoft is unlikely so far. Even then, the internet won’t feel stunned if it ever happens. If the tech giant got Zenimax and Bethesda, they can buy almost anyone at this point.

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