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Why Amber Heard was asked not to come out as bisexual after divorce


Amber Heard came out as bisexual shortly after her divorce from Johnny Depp.

However, before Amber Heard came out, there were a few people that asked her to reconsider her decision. While speaking with Porter Magazine in 2018, the Aquaman actress said that some people told her that she could lose everything if she confirms her sexuality.

“Everyone said there has never been another working actress who did this, a female lead – you will lose everything,” she said.

Heard admitted that being asked not to be true to herself scared her.

“This is my life, my livelihood. I supported my family. What am I going to say to my sister? ‘Sorry, I blew it because I have a big mouth?’ I was scared to death,” she said.

Amber Heard didn’t want to keep lying about her sexuality

Heard also said that she finally decided to come out as bisexual because she was tired of lying. The actress said that the truth is the only thing that’s sustainable.

“I’ve lived through some real hell. Every day I wake up and I make the decision to turn all of that into something good. Even when it’s still being directed at me, when rocks are thrown at me,” Heard said.

Amber Heard shares her parents’ reaction to her coming out

While at the South by Southwest (SXSW) conference last year, Heard also recalled what it was like to come out as bisexual to her religious parents.

“My dad is ‘out of central casting’ Texan. Big barrel hat, handlebar mustache, loves his guns, good Southern man. And I was raised in a religious home. I remember when I told them about my relationship, that I was in love with this woman. I remember at the beginning of that, it was just tears. It was tears,” Amber Heard said (via The Independent).

Initially, the actress’s parents didn’t know how to process what she told them.

“Because we hadn’t built the infrastructure for acceptance and tolerance. For them, it was being thrown into a binary system of processing it: negative or positive,” Heard said.

Ellen DeGeneres asked the actress about her sexuality

Between 2008 and 2012, Heard dated Tasya van Ree. However, she never spoke about her sexuality during the first few years of their relationship.

In 2010, Heard finally broke her silence on the matter after Ellen DeGeneres asked her straight out. Years later, Heard recalled the moment the openly gay host asked her about her sexuality.

“I just answered honestly. I could tell by the look on this person’s face it was a big deal. My poor publicist. Then I realized the gravity of what I had done and why so many people – studio execs, agents, advisors – did not want this coming before my name,” she said while at The Economist’s Pride and Prejudice event.

Today, Amber Heard is in a relationship with Bianca Butti.

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