Why ‘Bitcoin maximalists are like racists’, according to Roger Ver

Why 'Bitcoin maximalists are like racists', according to Roger Ver

Bitcoin Cash’s Roger Ver compares Bitcoin maximalists to racists and says the Australian Government is too unreasonable to let him visit.

Bitcoin Cash main man Roger Ver has zero time for Bitcoin Maximalists.

Maximalists are, of course, the hardcore fundamentalists of crypto – true believers that the one and only true coin is Bitcoin and that all other projects are by definition ‘shitcoins’.

“I think it’s kind of like a form of racism and tribalism. It’s like: ‘oh, my group is better than your group’,” he told Micky.

“And they don’t look at it objectively whatsoever. There’s lots of redeeming qualities about lots of different cryptocurrencies,” Ver said.

“When I say I like Bitcoin Cash so much, it doesn’t mean I don’t like other coins. Like Ethereum is awesome, Dash is awesome, Monero is awesome.

“There’s so many awesome coins out there with passionate communities but the maximalism is stupid and I think we need to see a lot less of that in the space.”

Australia's embrace of Bitcoin Cash

Australia’s embrace of Bitcoin Cash

Ver told Micky he was heartened to see Australians embrace Bitcoin Cash, which is now available as a payment method at thousands of restaurants through the Liven Pay app.

Then there was the recent Bitcoin Cash City conference in Townsville that helped propel BCH to 92% of the entire retail crypto spend in September.

To be sure, that’s 92% of around $40,000 in total of crypto spent in retail, but that’s many thousands more than any other crypto.

“I guess Australians like things that work and Bitcoin Cash works,” Ver said.

So why didn’t he attend the Bitcoin City Cash conference?

“I really wanted to go myself (to Bitcoin Cash City conference) but the Australian Government for the visa process asked me to list every single country I’ve been to, and the day I went in and out of that country for the previous ten years.

“It wasn’t really a possible or reasonable request so I gave up on the process. But it sure looked amazing on the internet and I hope someday to be able to go visit in person.”

To be fair to the Australian government, Ver did spend time in prison for selling fireworks (which the authorities classified as explosives) on eBay which may have prompted the onerous visa application process.

$50 million Bitcoin Cash tech park

Ver is guardedly optimistic about plans announced at the conference for a $50 million Bitcoin Cash tech park for twelve BCH focused startups in Townsville.

Micky has contacted Townsville City Council for further information on the project but is yet to hear back.

“I heard about it just like you did and thought: that sounds fantastic,” he said. “But like a lot of things in life, believe it when it happens.”

Ver goes head to head with Dr Doom
Roger Ver debates Nouriel ‘Dr. Doom’ Roubini

Ver goes head to head with Dr Doom

Ver recently took on Nouriel Roubini in a debate at London’s CC Forum and he was pretty pleased with how it went.

“I think it went pretty well,” Ver said. “The fact that he was attacking me for having sold firecrackers on eBay, which has nothing to do with whether or not cryptocurrencies are useful to the world, I think it’s a pretty clear sign that I did just fine.”

Ver won the debate largely because he’s so resolutely positive about crypto and it was held in front of a crypto conference crowd.

Roubini constantly referred to Bitcoin Cash’s 95% price crash from its all-time high as a black mark against Ver.

But given BCH aims to actually be used as a day to day currency, rather than some speculative instrument like Bitcoin Core, is a moderate and more stable price actually a net positive?

“I think the price is like the least interesting thing,” Ver said.

“The price is just the side effect of adoption in commerce and the more people using these cryptocurrencies … that’s what will drive the price up.”

Best selling author Neal Stephenson is not Satoshi
Roger Ver with best-selling author Neal Stephenson

Best selling author Neal Stephenson is not Satoshi

Micky had the chance to follow up on our earlier story, in which Reason magazine speculated that Satoshi Nakamoto was actually the best selling author Neal Stephenson.

Our story was illustrated with a picture of Ver with Stephenson, so it seems only fitting to ask him what he thought of the story.

“I think I did see that floating around,” he says.

“But I think that’s unlikely (that Neal is Satoshi) because I’m the one who set Neal Stephenson up with his first Bitcoin wallet and sent him some Bitcoin back in like, probably 2013 or 2014.”

Could Stephenson have been play-acting ignorance to throw Ver off the scent?

“I don’t think so,” said Ver. “I had to hold his hand through the installation of the blockchain.info wallet back then. And I think I sent him a whole Bitcoin!”

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