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Why Blizzard might release ‘Overwatch 2’ this year


Since being revealed at Blizzcon 2019, fans have had nothing on their minds but Overwatch 2. Blizzard has since been tight-lipped about the game and its release date, but we could see the game pretty soon.

Overwatch 2 is one of Blizzard’s saving grace amid controversies such as Diablo Eternal and its political stand with the Hong Kong protests. Despite what it’s going through currently, Blizzard has been surprisingly quiet regarding the good news about the sequel to Overwatch, but fans might not have to wait long. Here’s why Blizzard might release the game soon.

‘Overwatch’ is out of content

Echo serves as the last character to be added to Overwatch. This means fans shouldn’t expect any major updates soon. In fact, players are only getting new skins through events now, one of which is the Overwatch Anniversary event.

With no other major content to shell out, it seems likely that Blizzard might consider bringing the next game out already. Once it brings out the next game, Overwatch players will also have access to the new heroes and maps that are to be added. In doing so, Blizzard will be able to retain its player base.

Blizzard financial performance woes

Aside from the controversies, Blizzard’s main competition when it comes to sales is its lack of new hardware and software. Unlike other developers, Blizzard doesn’t release games regularly, and it only relies on sales from in-game purchases and DLCs from titles like Overwatch and World of Warcraft.

Analysts note that there isn’t a lot of revenue improvement on the part of Blizzard. Since Overwatch 2 is such an anticipated title, there’s no doubt that Blizzard can benefit from it once it begins selling. There’s already a lot of hype behind the game, so a huge boost in revenue isn’t too far off.

A new generation is coming

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are launching later this year. Some developers have already revealed their launch titles for the consoles. Meanwhile, Blizzard is yet to release anything about its plans.

The Overwatch successor is almost guaranteed to launch on the next generation of consoles as the original was a big hit on the current generation.  With the reveal of the game as a launch title, Blizzard will be entering the new generation with a bang.

Overwatch 2 is steeped in mystery so far. Players want to hear more from Blizzard with regards to the game. With Blizzcon 2020 still being a part of the developer’s plans, there may be big news in store for players in the coming months.

Image used courtesy of Blizzard/YouTube

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