Why China is angry at Sucker Punch for ‘Ghost of Tsushima’

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Ghost of Tsushima has launched to critical acclaim, and even those from Japan have praised the amount of heart and detail put into it. Of course, the game can’t please everyone as it seems to have offended a few.

In Ghost of TsushimaJin Sakai is tasked with defending the isle of Tsushima. At the start of the game, the Mongols, led by Khotul Khan, invade the island. Throughout the game, players will be facing off against the Mongols. It’s loosely based on history, and it seems like the use of Mongols as the main enemy is upsetting some people.

Mongol invasion sparks debate

According to the South China Morning Post, the game has sparked a debate between Chinese fans and nationalists. The issue is that many people consider the first Mongols as Chinese people. At the same time, the game is based on the Mongol invaders who have already succeeded in taking over China.

Players of the game defend that the title doesn’t do any harm. It paints the Mongol invaders as enemies simply because that is what happened. For nationalists, the game is more about the Japanese people “killing” Mongol invaders than anything else.

The community reacts

There are a lot of mixed reactions in the Ghost of Tsushima community. Extremists’ views stand with the Mongols at the game. Some even go as far as saying that Jin and the other inhabitants of Tsushima deserve what they get.

Some say that the game is just basically about the Japanese murdering Mongol invaders. They are stating that the Mongol invaders are Chinese as well. Other commenters note that foreign players can enjoy the game as much as they like. However, Chinese gamers shouldn’t enjoy the game in any way.

A lot of gamers also argue that it’s just a game. The actions of Jin shouldn’t be taken as an offense. Even if it’s just a game, players note that it is based on an actual part of Japanese history. They argued that it would’ve been foul only if the events were fictional and made solely for the game.

Ghost of Tsushima cannot please everyone, especially considering it is based on a dark point in Japanese history. Gamers should still keep an open mind on the title. It’s just a game that the developers thought would be great, and it was. Hopefully, more people take it lightly.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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