Why Disney and ‘Mulan’ movie face all sorts of criticisms

Why Disney and 'Mulan' movie face all sorts of criticisms

After its prolonged delay, Disney finally released the live-action Mulan movie on its streaming platform for premium access. However, it appears that more criticisms now loom the movie and its maker.

The Mulan movie faced criticisms even before it officially aired on Disney Plus. It started with the narrative of the live-action film, as it centered more on the Chinese legend and less from the original 1998 animated movie.

Of course, the adults of today who grew up watching the movie were saddened by the news that Mushu won’t be part of the movie. Adding in the fact that the 2020 remake wasn’t even a musical.

So fans failed to relive the feeling brought by the animated film when the soldiers in training sang I’ll Make a Man out of You. 

Mulan star Hong kong stance

Further into the time before Mulan aired, its prime star Liu Yifei. who plays Hua Mulan herself, received so much backlash that people on the internet strongly call for a movie boycott. Accordingly, pro-democracy activists slammed Liu Yifei for her stance on the issue in Hong Kong.

In 2019, while the political issue in Hong Kong was ripe, people and media outlets caught the actress posting online, saying:

“I support the Hong Kong police. You can all attack me now. What a shame for Hong Kong.”

Disney credit alarmed viewers

Now that the movie has aired another set of criticisms emerged online. This time, these are aimed at the movie maker, Disney.

Per Washington Postthe “most devastating part” of the movie wasn’t the story itself, but more on what was written on the credits and where the movie was filmed.

Disney filmed the movie across the regions of China. On its credits, Disney thanked the people behind who helped them, which included “organizations that are facilitating crimes against humanity.”

These organizations were “four Chinese Communist Party propaganda departments in the region of Xinjiang as well as the Public Security Bureau of the city of Turpan in the same region,” per the same publication.

Disney is receiving quite the criticisms because they shot the film in regions where its government is being accused of “serious human rights abuses,” per BBC. In fact, such abuses are still happening today, as reports confirm.

The abused people are mostly Muslim Uighurs. China expert Adrian Zenz told BBC that the public security bureau in Turpan spearheads China’s “re-education” camps for detained Uighurs.

Accordingly, both publication cites that there is an estimate of at least one million Muslims, most are from the Uighur minority, are “forcibly detained” in the said camps.

With Disney’s actions, it helped “normalize a crime against humanity,” per Washington Post. Zenz described the entertainment conglomerate as “an international corporation profiteering in the shadow of concentration camps.”


Featured image courtesy of Mulan/Twitter

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