Why do Twitter users want to Impeach President Joe Biden?

Why do Twitter users want to Impeach President Joe Biden?

Joe Biden swore into the presidency last week, but his critics are already campaigning for his impeachment, with some accusing him of fraud.

Joe Biden still has a lot of things to do, and he still has a lot of years to accomplish them. But it seems that many are not willing to give him a chance because they already want him to be impeached.

Joe Biden allegedly a disgrace

Joe Biden beat former president Donald Trump in the presidential race. Last week, he moved to the White House after his inauguration. However, just days after he swore to office, several already wanted him to step down.

A number of Twitter users aired their disappointment to Biden on the micro-blogging site. They used the hashtag “#ImpeachBiden” to let the others know that they support the same call.

“Look what #Biden is doing to America. He is a disgrace,” one user tweeted along with a video of the cops plowing through the crowd. Some of the civilians were hit by the patrol car, and one can be heard screaming, “oh my God, oh my God!”

Another netizen slammed Biden for an alleged rigged election and stealing power. The same user also questioned if COVID-19 is real and called the Democrats the worst he ever imagined.

A different user accused Biden of being a fraud and not putting America first. The same netizen said he couldn’t believe the people he called “dimwits” voted for him, whom he described as “an out-right pathological liar!”

Another wasn’t happy with Biden’s approach in handling COVID response because 300,000 more Americans died, and the netizen blamed the new president for it. So, he supported the call to impeach Biden.  

Meanwhile, best-selling author Nick Adams called Joe Biden the “worst ‘president’ in the U.S. history.”  

Biden’s supporters thankful for his victory

While Joe Biden’s critics want him out of the office even before he could prove himself, many are also supportive of the new president.

Rashida Tlain was proud of Biden’s decision to sign the executive actions on coronavirus response that invokes Defense Production Act, which directs all federal agencies and private industry to accelerate everything needed to protect, test, and vaccinate the people.

“It took a new president to take this kind of aggressive action to stop the spread of COVID-19. Thank you President  @JoeBiden,” she wrote.

“I had such a good feeling waking up this morning with a happy heart and no fear that I would have to face another calamity. Thank you, America and @JoeBiden,” Nancy Sinatra wrote during Biden’s inauguration.


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