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Why ‘Fortnite’ is the worst game to play now according to Tfue


Tfue is not too pleased with the competitive scene in Fortnite, echoing sentiments earlier expressed by rival, Ninja.

Fortnite is easily one of the most popular and most successful battle royale games ever made. With a new season for Chapter 2 coming in a few days, not everyone seems to be enjoying the game so far.

Renowned gamer and streaming Tfue has become one of those dissatisfied with the game going so far as to call it the worst game to play.

Questionable fairness in Fortnite

Fortnite is instrumental in Tfue’s illustrious career on Twitch. The 22-year-old streamer, whose real name is Turner Tenney, has played the game for a few years now. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to enjoy the game anymore. At least not as much as he did before.

The issue that has Tfue questioning the battle royal game is with the fairness in Fortnite’s competitive scene. During one of his recent streams, Tfue was quickly eliminated by a drum gun-wielding controller player. Naturally, it did not sit well with the celebrity gamer as he went on to rant about the unfortunate encounter.

He quickly showed disdain for what Fortnite has become calling and expressively calling the game, his own words, “dog s**t.”

Controller or keyboard and mouse?

Fortnite players have always been at odds when it comes to using controllers and keyboard and mouse. Unfortunately for keyboard and mouse users, Fortnite’s current season rolled out an aim assist update, which greatly favored controller users.

For Tfue, this was one of the reasons why the game isn’t fun for him to play anymore. The Twitch star posted on Twitter last month how the aim assists feature for controllers had ruined the game. He even went on to say that mouse and keyboard players should start looking for a new game to play.

His concern may not be unfounded because, as the game stands, almost 70% of qualifiers are now controller players.

Ninja’s frustration with Fortnite

Tfue and Ninja are one of the game’s biggest players. They’re also bitter rivals. But if there is one thing they share in common, it’s their disappointment with what Fortnite has become.

Back in April, the 29-year-old and his buddy, CypherPK, suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of average players wielding overpowered mini guns and snipers.

“I hate this f**k*ng game. Switch on over to Fortnite to have some fun, first game [I] die to one of the sweatiest players I’ve seen in this f**k*ng game, in a long time… Can they remove the f**k*ng heavy snipers from this game? Let me tell you two guns that never should have returned to this game – heavy snipers and miniguns… I hate I complain so much, but why is it in this game!,” Ninja expressively remarked at the time.

Shroud weighs in on the aim assist feature

Fortnite isn’t the only game with an aim assist feature. It is because most games today are adapting cross-play or cross-platform gaming features. Meaning, players of various platforms can now participate in matches together.

For retired pro-gamer and Mixer star, Shroud, Epic Games should start splitting the inputs in competitive gameplay. He was also surprised to know that Epic Games hasn’t done this yet.

Many players echoed similar sentiments. The problem is that Fortnite is a game known for placing everything in a single stage.

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