Why has SALT jumped 50 per cent?

SALT token price

The SALT token price has jumped around 50 per cent in 24 hours to be trading at around AU$1.

It follows an announcement from the blockchain lending platform that clients can now use Litecoin as collateral for their loans.

Recently, SALT Lending also announced a significant international expansion.

It is opening operations in 15 additional U.S. jurisdictions, while also heading into Brazil, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Bermuda, Vietnam, Puerto Rico and the United Arab Emirates.

SALT token price
A map showing SALT’s ‘lendable’ areas

So, what about Australia?

Well, Micky has been shown a message purportedly sent from SALT to a potential client, suggesting compliance down under isn’t too far away.

SALT token price
A message purportedly sent from SALT to a prospective client in Australia

SALT reached an all time high above AU$20 during the cryptocurrency bull run earlier this year, before plummeting 99%.

Australia’s Prime Minister recently revealed he ‘believes in blockchain.’ You can read about it here.

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