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Why Irish People Instantly Love Matt LeBlanc So Much?


Matt LeBlanc gets everyone’s attention, especially the Irish people, when the much-awaited Friends: The Reunion finally drops on HBO Max last week.

They compare LeBlanc to an Irish uncle, making him loved by the Irish people more. He even becomes a trend on social media, thanks to his “Gaelic grandad” or what they call “Da” characteristics.

The Irish uncle stare

His so-called Irish uncle stare photo even becomes a meme as he sits on a couch with arms folded, taking social media by storm.

“I enjoyed Matt LeBlanc’s ‘Da sitting on the couch during a quick stop at your grans’ performance,” one fan tweets.

Another one says nothing has prepared him for an Irish uncle meme than LeBlanc despite growing up in rural Ireland.

According to NY Post, even the Irish comedian Dara Ó Briain chimes in, retweeting a thread that features the best LeBlanc memes as their “quintessential relative from Ireland.”

“The rest of the world should know that for the last 24 hours, Irish Twitter has become OBSESSED with how much Matt Le Blanc looks like everyone’s uncle/cousin,” he reveals.

What makes it even funnier is that LeBlanc is not an Irish at all but a mix of French and Italian ancestry.

The Irish people’s love for LeBlanc

Whatever the case may be, it can’t be denied that the Irish people love him truly. So, what makes them do so?

Esquire noted from his wardrobe to his posture and just everything about him, LeBlanc reminds Irish viewers of the middle-aged Irish uncle. Irish filmmaker John Butler reveals an Irish uncle is “one of the lads,” who’s a little bit a funny man.

Although he likes to drink, he doesn’t like being around people who aren’t like him. He’s harmless, though, and he’s never the dangerous man.

An Irish uncle believes he can be the funniest man in a room, though he isn’t. As LeBlanc appears to have perfectly fit in this category, Butler believes the Friends star “looks hotter than ever.”

Though he was already hot when he was young as Joey Tribbiani, fan saw the “fascinating new period for him” in Friends: The Reunion.

He has become an “object of desire” now that even his mom, who’s 74 years old, is in love with him.

As LeBlanc has successfully dominated the Twitter world today, fans are now looking forward to seeing more of him.

Though there may be no upcoming Friends reunion, fans will like to see him one way or another either on the big or small screen—probably playing the role of an Irish uncle.

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