Why ‘Resident Evil’ is one of the major survival horror games ever made

‘Resident Evil’ is one of the major survival horror games ever made.

Resident Evil has come a long way on the list for survival horror. The game, which started merely as an initiative, is the most popular survival horror series on the list.

It is not technically the first survival horror game but surely has made its way up to the top. Before the term survival horror was created, earlier games such as Resident Evil has spiritual predecessor such as Sweet Homes from the Infogrames, Alone in the Dark, which already impelled and pioneered the importance of mechanics that defined a survival horror game.

However, Resident Evil took up the title and invented the term survival horror, and ever since the launch of the first game in 1996, several other games have followed in the footsteps and tried to take up the mantle that this game held.

What is the best thing about this franchise?

One of the best things about Resident Evil is that the series know how to balance out horror accordingly. Out of all the survival horror games out there, many do not have a clear idea and agree that Resident Evil is the one players can approach even though they don’t have a hand’s experience in the field.

It is no secret that the survival horror games are considered part of a niche group, given that not every player out there can endure all the challenges and the terror of the survival horror games and what they have to offer.

It is worth knowing that Capcom is very much aware of this and which is why it has always designed some of the notable games, listing Resident Evil at the top to be just as scary as a horror game to satisfy the fans of the genre while keeping them open to a wider player base on the other hand. It is worth knowing that during the making of Resident Evil, Capcom has kept in mind that this game is universally meant for every single player who wants to have their experience with survival horror.

The village has balanced out the game pretty well

One good example of balancing out Resident Evil’s action and horror element is something that players might find in the recent launch.

In Village, one of the interviews which was rolled out with the developer of the game, it was revealed that Capcom had to dial down the horror aspect of the series after the company received feedback from the players that the seventh installation of the game was too scary.

True enough, the seventh installation of the game is considered one of the scariest entries in the franchise of Resident Evil.

This game has everything that players want, starting from a psychotic wife who goes missing to a father in law who might kill you in a heartbeat to a mother in law who turns into a human spider with all her eight legs crawling down your room and trying to hunt you down at the eve of night.


Image courtesy of Markiplier/YouTube

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