Why safeguarding the anonymity of your crypto transactions is important

Why safeguarding the anonymity of your crypto transactions is important

Digital currency is constantly increasing in value, despite the high volatility and periodic drops in price. This keeps various hackers and crypto scammers interested in it constantly at a high level.

Since the number of cryptocurrency users and its total capitalization is constantly growing and is predicted to grow in the future, there is no reason to count on weakening attention of attackers to it.

Each year, hackers steal millions of Bitcoins for hundreds of millions and billions of dollars. Using various methods of Bitcoin analysis, they gain access to digital money of ordinary users.

Holders of any wallets are at risk of losing their crypto funds due to Bitcoin’s traceability. Your coins will not be safe until your transactions using them cannot be traced.

To avoid falling victim to cryptocurrency theft, you need to provide increased Bitcoin anonymity. For this purpose, various versions of Bitcoin mixers have been developed.

How to make Bitcoin safe?

Bitcoin analysis is possible because the very value of the cryptocurrency is ensured by the openness of information about all transactions in the blockchain, so you can check the legitimacy of any transfer of coins and exclude the possibility of counterfeiting them.

How can you ensure the security of your cryptocurrency if by its nature Bitcoin is traceable?

In order to reduce the risk of losing your Bitcoins, use the Bitcoin Mixer during payments and any other transactions.

This security measure provides a very high degree of protection for your digital money. The cryptocurrency transaction that passed through the Bitcoin Blender becomes virtually unobservable.

How Bitcoin mixers eliminate traceability

Using Bitcoin mixer BitMix.Biz as an example, we will look at how it provides Bitcoin anonymity.

BitMix.Biz supports both Bitcoin and Litecoin and transaction amounts as low as 0.005 BTC and 0.015 LTC.

To use it, select the cryptocurrency you want to mix, then enter your destination address and set your mixing strength by adjusting the Delay and Service Fee settings.

Click the Start Mixing button and send your funds to the provided address.

The Bitcoin mixer splits the whole amount of your transaction into several smaller transactions that are sent through different wallets created especially for this.

You do not have to wait until the confirmation of all these dozens of transactions passes, because the system has already prepared the mixed coins.

As a result, instead of one transaction from one address to another, dozens of transactions smaller transactions are created, which attackers just do not have enough time to track.

Information about each coin mixing is stored for no more than 72 hours and is encrypted. Moreover, you can increase the safety of your Bitcoin transactions even more by deleting data about your transaction immediately after its confirmation.

More Bitcoin anonymity with BitMix.Biz

In addition to control over the mixing data, BitMix.Biz gives you the ability to make the tracking of your transactions even more difficult.

For transactions of 0.1 BTC and 1 LTC or higher, you have the option to select the Randomize Fee and Transactions Count option.

As a result, you will receive several incoming payments from different wallets to the transaction destination address.

This Bitcoin mixer strengthens Bitcoin anonymity, greatly complicating Bitcoin Analysis due to the number of variables you can set for the mixing of your coins.

Another feature of this Bitcoin mixer that helps you keep your Bitcoin transactions safe is the protection against getting your previous coins.

After you use BitMix.biz for the first time, you will receive a special code to use whenever you use the service that will prevent coins that you have previously mixed from being returned to your address at another time.

If you have your own project, then you can append our API on your website so that your users can make secure payments.

You can also earn extra money with BitMix.Biz through our affiliate program.

BitMix.biz supports Tor (http://bitmixbizymuphkc.onion), a non-JavaScript NoJS version, and Clearnet.

In addition, it has a multilingual interface that supports the following languages: English, Chinese, Russia, German, Hindi, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Korean, and Indonesian.

How to use Bitcoin mixer BitMix.Biz

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