Why ‘Sex and the City 3’ may never happen?


It has been 10 years since fans last saw Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda on the big screen. Is there still a chance for them to reunite in Sex and the City 3?

It looks like Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon are all on board to do Sex and the City 3. However, there are reports Kim Cattrall doesn’t want to be a part of it due to her alleged feud with Parker. From a lot of rumors to assumptions, will there be a third installment?

Parker, Cattrall’s alleged feud that affects 3rd film

In a list made by Gossip Cop, it revealed everything about the making of the movie’s third installment.

Allegedly, Hollywood Life claimed that Parker wanted to do the third movie without Kim Cattrall. The latter previously revealed that she was “never friends” with the HBO hit series’ cast members.

The publication alleged that Matthew Broderick’s wife “was happy” to do the film without Samantha Jones’ character. There was even a claim that Parker was trying to bribe Cattrall to do the third film by giving her gifts.

Parker, allegedly, tried to communicate with Cattrall, but to no avail. The latter, reportedly, even made it clear that she hated the Hocus Pocus star. 

“Sarah has realized that Kim is the one calling the shots here – not her,” an alleged insider told Star. “So she’s scrambling to make amends. But it may be too little, too late.”

However, Gossip Cop claimed these two narratives were not true at all.

Sex and the City 3 update

By the looks of it, there is still no chance for fans to see Sex and the City 3 anytime soon.

“There will be no progress on a third Sex and the City with the ladies because there is still lots of animosity between them all,” a source told Hollywood Life

Allegedly, Cattrall has already moved on from the TV and movie franchise. She is now busy with her new Fox show, Filthy Rich, seeing her career in a completely different path.

“There were wonderful times and not so wonderful times with Sex,” the insider continued. “The same issues still stand between Kim and Sarah, so it is best to leave the past the past.”

Although they all know that they will be linked to the series due to its fame, they also know that it’s the best time to move on.

“Kim has really tried to distance herself both professionally and personally from the ladies and the show,” the tipster added. “While everyone tries to keep their differences of opinions private.”

Other girls are all on board to do Sex and the City 3, but they can’t do it without Cattrall. Sadly, as much as fans want to see the third film, it may never happen.

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