Why Song Kang wears mismatching socks in ‘Sweet Home’? Here’s his response

Song Kang cleared the minds of viewers on why his character in Sweet Home always wears mismatching socks.

South Korean actor Song Kang who plays Cha Hyun Soo in Netflix’s Sweet Home, enlightens its viewers. To that matter, the actor reveals the real deal behind his character’s mismatching socks.

Here is Song Kang’s response

With Sweet Home‘s success, viewers of the series and the avid fans of the 26-year-old actor could not help but wonder: Why Cha Hyun Soo always wear mismatching socks?

With no hesitations, Song Kang revealed the truth:

“I felt Hyun Soo wouldn’t be detailed enough or care enough to match his socks, especially if he doesn’t want to live further.”

The actor also added that it would be bizarre if Cha Hyun Soo wears matching socks, considering he does not have the leisure time.

Song Kang cleared the viewers’ wondering minds during a recent interview where he talked about his character in the series.

“Sweet Home” is a success

The thriller series holds a story plot of the characters fighting against monsters born out of human desires in Green Home.

It was made available on Netflix on December 18, instantly raking views and praise from the viewers and critics.

In the same interview, Song Kang highlighted that he could not believe that the action-drama series is gaining so much praise.

With that, he feels honored to be one of the lead characters of such a masterpiece.

For the time being, Sweet Home is among Netflix’s top 10 in eleven countries. It is based on the famous webtoon of the same name. With the series being directed by the person behind Mr. Sunshine and Goblin.

Furthermore, Song Kang thoroughly prepared for his role as Cha Hyun Soo. When he learned about the series’ huge budget, he contemplated as it made him feel nervous.

However, he put all of his efforts into his acting and expressed different emotions if needed. Undoubtedly, Sweet Home is at its peak due to the versatile actors on it.


Image courtesy of The Swoon/YouTube Screenshot

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