Why stories in NFT video games like SIDUS HEROES are important


SIDUS HEROES is the next level of narrative game play that no other NFT game can deliver.  The days of simple graphics and basic gameplay are over as Sidus offers a world of complexity and dimension.

SIDUS HEROES goes beyond creating a token generation system masquerading as a game. Instead, it offers a narrative that ties the entire game together. When paired with its enjoyable gameplay and in-game economy, this becomes a game that encourages actual success from its players.

Why narrative is important for NFT games

Many would argue the value of narrative in a video game, much less its use in a pay-to-earn game. People are playing NFT games to generate tokens and earn money, so why would they need a narrative? The answer is simple – player motivation.

A video game’s story and narrative encourage players to get involved in this world. It adds to the immersion of the game and enhances gaming interaction to be a pleasure instead of a chore.  It helps players understand what they need to do and the logic to do so. 

Most current NFT games have a modicum of an idea when it comes to generating the tokens and cryptocurrency needed to earn money. In order for players to consider the game more than a chore, you want to give them something beyond stripped-down trading card games and knock-off monster collecting.

How SIDUS HEROES encourages narrative diversity

SIDUS HEROESbrings badly needed narrative to an industry devoid of this critical value-add. Their space-western cyberpunk environment offers players multiple unique routes that can match both their playstyle and personal strategy to tackle the vast metaverse of Sidus.

“SIDUS HEROES transports players to a whole new world in which technological advancements have reached a level where they have merged with all living beings, becoming as one with them,” notes the company’s whitepaper.

Players are encouraged to perform more than one of the gameplay loop titles through the narratives’ invocative sense of adventures. People are not “grinding” for tokens but rather deeply immersed within their own adventure. 

In addition, SIDUS HEROES provides several ways to obtain NFTs and generate tokens by allowing players to excel at different skills and strategies. Whether you want to rule the galaxy, explore the universe, or wage war, you can earn money and buy NFTs regardless.

In a narrative-driven world like SIDUS HEROES earning money is never a chore. In fact, earning big money is both easy and fun!

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