Why you shouldn’t believe those iPhone 12 delay rumors just yet

Why you shouldn't believe those iPhone 12 delay rumors just yet

The Internet is rife with rumors regarding a delay in iPhone 12 mass production, but no substantial evidence can be linked to a late launch.

Earlier this week, it was highly reported that the launch of the iPhone 12 will be delayed this year. This was reportedly due to the production challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

No denying the problem

To say that the pandemic caused a bit of trouble for Apple would be an understatement. Apple CEO Tim Cook himself has acknowledged that the pandemic has caused a stressful moment for the company.

The tech giant is under extreme pressure right now, especially with the planning and production challenges of new iPhones and other hardware. Their supply lines have been disrupted, making the acquisition of vital components even more difficult.

More than that, the economic repercussions of the coronavirus outbreak delivers a feeling of uncertainty when it comes to sales. Apple would have to be extremely careful of the decisions they make.

But despite all that, the iPhone 12 could still be released on time.

Apple has been known to hasten production

It’s not uncommon for Apple to speed up pre-launch production to meet a certain time-frame and demand. The company has even done so in order to adjust to an unusually slower start.

Demands could be dynamic when it comes to products. Sometimes, Apple won’t be able to anticipate an increase or decrease in demand. This experience has made Apple quick to adapt to certain conditions, speeding up or slowing down production to how they see fit.

A delay in mass production doesn’t necessarily mean a delay in launch. Apple can always speed up production of the iPhone 12 to meet their schedule.

iPhone 12 delay rumors

Weaker iPhone 12 demand

Another factor that will help Apple release its next flagship iPhone is the smaller demand. Because of the pandemic, people are more likely to focus their spending on essential items.

The economic backlash of the lockdown protocols has hit everyone hard, especially consumers. Most people won’t be able to spend hundreds of dollars on a phone they don’t need to buy. People are more likely to purchase the new iPhone SE because it is economically more viable.

A weaker demand brings smaller productions. So Apple delaying mass production could also be interpreted as them not needing to hurry.

Apple’s positive outlook

The company recently revealed the results of the January to March business quarter. As expected, Apple saw an increase in their revenue but a decrease in profit thanks to the COVID-19.

The company still managed to release new products amid all the challenges. For the first quarter alone, Apple released the MacBook Air, iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard, and the new iPhone SE. Apple is also hopeful for its future despite the difficulties.

“Our global supply chain is profoundly durable and resilient. We have shown the consistent ability to meet and manage temporary supply challenges like those caused by COVID-19. We have continued to deliver innovative new products across multiple categories that appeal to a broad-cross section of customers,”Tim Cook says.

This is a good sign that they would also be able to release the iPhone 12 on time, especially since their factories in China and South Korea have finally reopened. Apple expects to release the device during the holiday season.


Images courtesy of Tyler Lastovichand & Jason Leung/Unsplash

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