Widgets for Instagram on iOS are coming very soon!

According to the latest leaked info, all the iPhone users will soon witness widgets for their favorite social media app Instagram.

A recent leak has revealed that Instagram is currently working on some useful iOS widgets for the photo-sharing app.

Widgets for Instagram on iOS: What to expect?

Using one of the most popular social media apps globally has become mandatory for many people these days. And it applies to both Android as well as iOS.

However, most individuals now also use multiple accounts on Instagram daily. The main purpose behind this is to showcase their different sides as creative. In this aspect, multiple accounts work better than having just a single one.

Since the introduction of iOS 14, many iPhone users have anticipated a lot, especially in widgets. They are fun and quite useful at times while running apps that support their widgets.

But surprisingly, for Instagram, there has been no widget so far.

The long wait, however, is now going to be over very soon. Because a newly leaked report suggests that widgets supporting multiple accounts for the photo-sharing app will reveal in the future.

A developer named Alessandro Paluzzi recently shared some screenshots on Twitter related to Insta widgets. According to him, the app will have widgets to manage more than one account.

Currently, there is no dedicated widget for the social media platform on iOS. It will be interesting to see the eventual form when they are ready to roll out.

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What’s next from Apple?

Meanwhile, iOS users enjoy their devices with the latest software updates and the ongoing line-up of products. And soon, they will witness a new range of this year’s offerings from the California tech giant.

In the remaining half of this calendar, Apple will launch its upgraded pack of the Watch series. The next smartwatch version is expected to come up with enhanced health-based functions.

Furthermore, before the year-end, the iPhone line-up will receive an overhaul with the iPhone 13. Currently, there are already tons of rumors surrounding its big reveal in late September.

As per several insiders, the iPhone 13 is going to have an always-on display. Also, it’s said to feature a 1TB variant along with an increased battery.

What do you think about the next iPhone? Are you looking forward to making an upgrade from your existing version?

Also, tell us about what changes do you want in the next smartphone series from Apple?

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Image courtesy of TechDaily/YouTube

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