‘Wild Rift’ K/DA: Complete the mission and earn one of the idols for free

Wild Rift K/DA: Complete the mission and earn one of the idols for free

Riot Games has officially announced the addition of the all-time favorite LoL group, K/DA. There’s an ongoing mission that’ll earn players a free idol once completed.

Riot officially debuted K/DA on League of Legends: Wild Rift today. This is a week after their announcement of their “ALL OUT” tour.

The debut came with an official event trailer on YouTube—in a very BLACKPINK vibe, featuring the idols’ artistic gameplay preview. The event is time-limited, starting today, October 30 until November 19.

Right now, a KDA Mega Bundle is up for grabs worth 7,150 Wild Cores. It even includes the group’s newest collaborator, Seraphine.

“A show is only as good as its performers. That’s why we’re making all the members of K/DA free for the duration of the event, including their latest collaborator, Seraphine. So queue up as Akali, Kai’Sa, Ahri, Evelynn, or the starry-eyed songstress, and give the enemy team a performance they’ll never forget,” Riot’s announcement reads.

Currently, League of Legends: Wild Rift is in its Regional Open Beta. Nonetheless, this did not stop Riot from hosting an in-game event as big as the arrival of the K/DA.

As to how Riot will replicate this event when it hits the western regions is still uncertain. Although, many can only expect bigger things by then.

Rep an idol

Players will need to select an idol to represent. So before choosing the perfect one, there’s a quiz that can be taken to determine which of Akali, Evelynn, Ahri, Kai’sa, and Seraphine is best suited for each player.

Seraphine may be a popular choice, considering she’s a new Champion in the world of Runterra. The fanbase of K/DA is comparable to other Korean pop groups, only with a different crowd.

'Wild Rift' K/DA: Complete the mission and earn one of the idols for free


That means fans may already have their bias.

There are 10 questions to answer. The questions are personality-based in a situational setting. When done, the game will present which idol a player most likely represent. Although, the selection of idol to rep is not limited to the result of the quiz.

Players will still have the option to choose other idols.

Mission details

After selecting which idol to rep, players will now have access to their designated missions grouped into Moments. There are five moments for Team Seraphine.

Each moment can only be unlocked after completing the first one. The missions will correspond to a variety of rewards such as a certain amount of Blue Motes. Poro Coins, Boosts.

'Wild Rift' K/DA: Complete the mission and earn one of the idols for free

Each finished moment will also earn players great rewards such as KDA Theme Emote, Champion Icon, and KDA Theme Kill Bauble.

Players should be 100% sure which idol they want to rep, as the giveaways are most likely limiting to the chosen idol.

Wild Rift Open Beta players should take full advantage of this event, considering this might be a once in a lifetime chance. If Riot does choose to repeat this event, at least players can now choose a different idol to hopefully complete the group.


Images courtesy of League of Legends: Wid Rift/In-game Screenshots

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