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‘Wild Rift’ Regional Open Beta officially starts; Cinematic trailer released


Riot Games has officially kicked off the Regional Open Beta for the most-awaited League of Legends: Wild Rift.

Riot hit a bit of a snag on its opening day for the Regional Open Beta. Nevertheless, it looks like League o Legends: Wild Rift is in full swing.

Snagged some technical difficulties

The Regional Open Beta for League of Legends: Wild Rift encountered some technical difficulties as mentioned in one of its early tweets. Which is probably why the opening came a little late—bordering October 28.

Probably with the surge of new players coming from so many regions, there seems to be a problem with creating a new account upon logging-in to the game.

Aside from that, some iOS users are sharing screencaps of their phone, where League of Legends: Wild Rift is still expected on October 29.

A cinematic trailer to kick start the milestone

Meanwhile, in spite of all the snags, the League fans are quite thrilled, not to mention hyped for Wild Rift. The cinematic trailer became a crowd favorite.

Among the Champions featured, Lux is getting most of the attention. Although, it might have something to do more with the big difference in her appearance in-game and on the new trailer.

Generally, the Wild Rift cinematic trailer features Jinx gathering up the Champions to the Wild Rift.

Aside from that, Riot also featured a short gameplay preview of a few of the Champions, including Lee Sin.

Gear-up to battle

Since the mobile version of League of Legends is somehow different from the PC and it is not as wildly known as other mobile MOBA. Riot is taking the extra steps to assure that interested players will be well equipped and well educated.

Riot has been uploading guide videos on YouTube, through its official channel. Lately, they’ve chosen a few streamers that can best help the community master the WR gameplay.

Recently, Riot shared the perspective of three content creators on how to lane. As mentioned before, laning is an essential aspect of the LoL gameplay. Taking great advantage of one lane could make all the big difference in one match.

In other news, Riot has further expressed its side about the delay of the game to the western regions. A few devs have aired out their feelings on social media about the fans’ feedback.

An official message was also posted on Twitter yesterday, along with a dev diary update from WR exec himself, Michael Chow.

Featured image courtesy of League of Legends: Wild Rift

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