Will full Nintendo Direct happen on September 26?

A lot of the rumors surrounding a new Nintendo Direct have been true by some measure. By that, Nintendo has been giving its fans Direct minis, which focus on third-party or indie titles, but it’s not what fans are looking for.

Nintendo surprised fans recently with the reveal of Hyrule Warriors: Age of CalamityAside from the amazing title, the developers had another surprise at the end of the video. They teased that more news of the game will come on Sept. 26. Does that mean that there will be a full-on Nintendo Direct soon?

A major Direct

When fans are asking for a full Direct, they are talking about a stream that talks about major games coming from Nintendo. In the past months, Nintendo has focused mainly on third-party titles through its partner showcase. While the reveals have been appreciated so far, fans are expecting more from the developer.

The announcement that there will be another stream happening on Sept. 26 could mean one of two things. First is that there could be a video that is focused primarily on unveiling all there is to know about Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. 

Alternatively, it could be about a major Nintendo Direct happening on that day. While a spin-off, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, is considered a major game since it’s a part of the Breath of the Wild lore. It’s more than deserving of a spot on a major Direct if there is any.

What fans want to see

There’s so much that fans want to see from a full Direct if there is one. Two titles that come at the top of fans’ minds are Metroid Prime 4 and Bayonetta 3. Both titles have been revealed during E3 2018, but since then, not much has been said about the two highly anticipated titles.

Fans shouldn’t expect news for The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 at the event, however. Recently, the developers have said that it’s going to be a while before more news is revealed about this upcoming title.

Another title that could be announced at the event is Bravely Default 2, which many believe will launch this year. The game had a hefty presentation earlier this year, but that was pretty much it.

Fans are hoping that a Nintendo Direct will indeed happen on Sept. 26. Nintendo already has an impressive lineup for this year, and more games will do it better.

Image used courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube

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