Will Apple One bundles be more cost-efficient?

Will Apple One bundles be more cost-efficient than single buys?

Apple One is now live and is offering deals that are hard to resist, especially for users that have multiple accounts with Apple services.

Apple has one more trick up its sleeves before the year ends. In all likelihood, the newest MacBook Pro will be front and center during the event. The thought of it being the first Apple Silicon-powered laptop is quite exciting because it has been quite a while since these laptops got a huge upgrade.

While Apple fans are waiting for the release, the company cleverly released the Apple One services to keep them entertained.

Are Apple One bundles worth it?

The straight answer to this depends on who is reading this article. Firstly, if the reader currently has multiple subscriptions under Apple services, then the simple answer is yes. However, if only one service from Apple is needed, then no is the answer.

Just like any other mom-and-pop shop of big retailers out there, Apple is bundling its services to upsell. It is making its users realize that they are getting more freebies despite paying less.

Currently, Apple One has three options for its users. The first one is Apple One bundle as an Individual. Under this, the subscriber gets access to Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and 50 GB of iCloud storage. The second one is called the Family bundle. The services are all the same except that the second one gives the subscribers up to 200GB of iCloud storage.

The last bundle is called the Apple One Premiere. On top of the regular services from the Individual and Family bundles, subscribers will get access to Apple News+ and Apple Fitness+. To top it all off, they will also get 2TB of iCloud storage.

Cost-effective comparisons between and among the bundles

As mentioned earlier, if only one service from Apple is needed, then a straight-up subscription for that will be more worth it. However, below is the breakdown of the amounts saved when subscribing to Apple One bundles.

For the Individual pack, the subscriber, if he purchases monthly subscriptions to Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and 50 GB of iCloud storage separately, he has to pay roughly US$21. However, if he opts for the bundle, he’ll save up to $6 per month because he only has to pay $14.95 monthly.

For the Family pack, for all the services mentioned above, when subscribed to separately, the cost is $27.96. If the subscription is under Apple One, the total cost monthly is just $19.95 per month.

Lastly, for the Premiere pack that gives the Apple News+ and Apple Fitness+ access, the total amount monthly is just $29.95. If these are all subscribed to separately, the total cost is roughly $55.

All of these figures mentioned above only factor in monthly subscriptions. Apple One has bigger discounts for annual subscribers, which can be found here.


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