Will Bitcoin’s price rally resume its climb toward $15,000?

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Will Bitcoin's price rally resume its climb toward $15,000?

The past week was a volatile one for Bitcoin, which gained and lost more than $US3,400 [AU$4,840] in just four days’ time.

The popular cryptocurrency surged to nearly $14,000 on Wednesday, breaking a series of 2019 YTD records along the way.

That same day, a series of outages at various cryptocurrency exchanges sent prices tumbling by more than $1800.

Coinbase’s entire platform – both mobile and desktop – and Robinhood’s crypto trading services were temporarily down due to “degraded performance” issues.

After a further drop to $10,300 on Thursday, Bitcoin rebounded with a 24-hour gain of more than 20%, closing the week on a level of volatility not seen in months.

Currently, Bitcoin is trading at right around $11,760 and, while many experts predicted the current pullback, analysts generally expect BTC’s upside momentum to be sustained in the near term.

Based on technical indicators and other key data, the next target is likely to be $15,000.

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Bitcoin’s bounce marks a sharp turnaround from its weak performance last year, but its price is still short of its all-time high near $20,000 in December of 2017.

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