Will Brad Pitt’s ‘World War Z 2’ still see the light of the day?

Will ‘World War Z 2’ see the light of the day?

Fans have been waiting for World War Z 2 after a sequel to the 2013 apocalyptic movie led by Brad Pitt was announced.

Although some said it was already canceled, co-producer Jeremy Kleiner teased that World War Z 2 could still see the light of the day.

The sequel is set to follow the 2013 movie by March Foster, World War Z, adapted from the 2006 novel with the same name by Max Brooks. It has been seven years since the first film’s release. So, will fans once again see Brad Pitt as the former United Nations investigator, Gerry Lane?

The latest update about the movie

The movie sequel has been one of the most anticipated apocalyptic action horror films of all time. It was commercially successful, and Angelina Jolie’s former husband received positive reviews for his excellent performance.

Shortly after the first movie’s release, a sequel was then announced. However, seven years after, there is still no news about the second movie.

Sadly, World War Z 2 may never happen at all. According to Gizmo Blaze, six months into filming in Atlanta, it was, reportedly, canceled.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Solstice Studios’ CEO Mark Gill revealed that the movie’s cancellation had something to do with China’s banning of zombie movies.

“It’s not cultural, it’s government policy,” he explained. “And the reason it’s government policy is you have got a government that is trying to keep control of a population where there is a fair amount of unrest. One of the things that seems to particularly stir revolts or riots is superstition.”

A source even said that it is the “single biggest reason” that Paramount didn’t give World War Z 2 the green light. Some also said it’s the budget, which would reach $200 million, was one of the reasons.

The hopes for the movie sequel

Despite the cancellation, Kleiner teased in January that the sequel could still happen “someday.”

“We love Max Brooks’ book. We love the universe of it,” he said, via Digital Spy. “It doesn’t feel like World War Z is done and over with.”

Although he didn’t exactly say if World War Z 2 would push through, he seemed to give everyone hope that it might still happen.

So, where the second movie will take the viewers? The first film ended with a glimmer of hope that humankind could survive the dangerous virus that turned humans into zombies.

However, at the end of the film, Brad Pitt’s character teased that there’s still a lot “left to be done.” Although Brook’s book is a standalone novel, it still has many storylines that World War Z 2 can feature.

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