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Will Disruptor Rounds return in ‘Apex Legends’ Season 6?


Apex Legends Season 6 is just a few weeks away, and players are eager to know what’s to come in the next season. Some are even hoping that one particular hop-up makes a comeback in the next season.

Hop-ups come and go in Apex Legends, but none is as missed as the Disruptor Rounds. Fans are hoping that this hop-up will come back in Apex Legends Season 6 and it seems like not all is hope for it. Here’s everything we know about the hop-up and why it should come back.

What is the Disruptor Rounds hop-up?

First introduced in the second season of the game, the Disruptor Rounds is a hop-up that can be equipped on the RE-45 and the Alternator SMG. When it first launched, players loved using the hop-up simply because it was overpowered. When equipped, it deals additional damage to players’ armor, thus making it easy to melt down even level three shields.

Shortly after launch, the hop-up was quickly nerfed by Respawn Entertainment. Despite being nerfed, it was still one of the best hop-ups in the game. It gave the Alternator and RE-45 time to shine. Some players even preferred it over top-tier weapons such as the Spitfire and R-99.

Should it return?

Since being removed, fans have always wanted to see the return of the hop-up. That return could be coming in Apex Legends Season 6.

For those who may have forgotten, the Skullpiercer Rifling hop-up was also removed from the game temporarily. It only made a come back this season. If Respawn Entertainment wants to shake up the meta, it needs to bring back this special hop-up.

There’s a good chance that during its absence, Respawn Entertainment was simply doing some balancing for the weapon. When the Skullpiercer came back, the hop-up felt more refined than ever.

The Alternator and RE-45 have slid down the meta ever since the Disruptor Rounds were taken out of the game. Now, players are seeing the same weapons being used whether they are playing on King’s Canyon or World’s Edge. Hopefully, this changes with the next season.

Apart from a new battle pass, Apex Legends Season 6 will also introduce an assortment of other changes. There’s a new character, new weapon tweaks, and possibly even a new map. As for a new weapon, the fifth season didn’t have any so there may be a new one this time around.

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