Will Kanye West compete with Donald Trump, Joe Biden this year?

Kanye West recently announced his plan to run for US President. But as the election is about to take place in four months, how can it possibly happen?

Kanye West didn’t reveal if he plans to join the presidential election this year or in 2024. Is there still a chance for him to compete this year?

If this happens, he will go against Donald Trump and Joe Biden in the 2020 Presidential election in November. 

The odds of joining the presidential election this year

According to The New York Post, Kim Kardashian’s husband’s intention to run would be counted as “late registration.” It was also, reportedly, next to impossible because he already missed all of the state filing deadlines and the primaries.

If he wanted to compete this year, he would be in stiff competition against Donald Trump. 

In an interview with GQ Magazine, the 43-year-old rapper revealed that he had yet to register to cast a vote. However, he said that he would vote this year, and everyone knew who he would be voting for.

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Name one thing that you would change if you were president. 🤔✊🏾 #kanyewest #kanyeforpresident

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The things Kanye needs to do to join the election

According to Ballotpedia, Kanye West’s name will not appear on the ballots in Indiana, Maine, North Carolina, New Mexico, and Texas because of the registration deadlines.

New York also recently modified its deadline. So, the independent petitions should be in by July 27 to 30. Signatures that will come before July 1 will not be counted. 

People added that even though registration deadlines are yet to be passed in other states, the fashion mogul would find it hard to be part of individual ballots. As the process varies in every state, it may come not just rigid but complicated, too. 

Filing with the Federal Election Commission could also hinder Kanye West’s plan to run for the presidency this year. Although it had no deadline, he had yet to register as a candidate.

Also, he could run as a write-in candidate, but there were rules that they had to follow for the votes to be counted on Election Day.

In the 2016 report of the Washington Post, 32 states required write-in candidates to file paperwork before Election Day to be considered an official candidate. These states will count the unregistered candidate’s votes along with “other non-registered write-in votes,” making the individual totals uncounted.

By the looks of it, Kanye West has to clear if he already made any steps to register his name on any ballots or with the FEC.

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