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Will ‘Overwatch 2’ launch on the first game’s anniversary?


Players are undoubtedly excited for Overwatch 2, considering that the first game is a smash-hit that remains popular to this day. Will we see more of the game soon?

Blizzard canceled the annual Blizzcon earlier this year. However, it recently announced an online convention called BlizzConline, which will launch in February. Blizzard fans are obviously excited about the event, but those who are waiting for Overwatch 2 are more than excited.

Sequel releasing on the anniversary?

The first Overwatch launched on May 24, 2016. Looking at it, players are speculating that the announcement of the sequel’s release date will be during BlizzConline while the release itself will be on May 24, 2021. While it may not be confirmed in any way, fans have a lot of reasons to see this as being the case.

On May 24, the game will be five years old already. Considering that the sequel was announced way back in 2019 and we’ve yet to get any news about it, it’s very likely that the sequel will be releasing sometime next year. The big question now is when.

Why fans want it now

Fans obviously want to get their hands on the sequel as soon as possible. However, it’s not just because they want to get a new game. It’s mostly because Overwatch isn’t getting any new content anymore.

Blizzard has said that Echo will serve as the last and final hero for Overwatch. Moving forward, the next heroes to be released will be for Overwatch 2. Aside from the previous events, there has been no major addition in Overwatch for several months now. Players are trying to make up with the competitive season and a few challenge skins here and there.

The sequel is chock-full of content that’s sure to get fans excited. Aside from new characters, maps, and modes, the game will also have a PvE story mode to go along with it.

What’s even better is that if the game launches, those playing on Overwatch will still be able to get future characters and maps even if they don’t have the sequel yet. With that, fans want Blizzard to release the sequel as soon as possible simply because they want more content.

Overwatch 2 is Blizzard’s most anticipated title currently. The developer definitely needs to reveal more about the game as players are already anxious about it. Hopefully, the game does appear during next year’s online convention, as it’s almost a year since Blizzard has revealed it.

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