Will Season 7 come to ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ and ‘Warzone’?

Will Season 7 come for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone

With Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War all set for release, will Activision renew the current Modern Warfare and Warzone for season 7?

Season 6 had just started for Modern Warfare and it could also be its last. As fans look towards the upcoming Black Ops Cold War, it definitely begs the question of whether or not Activision would finally discontinue the current title and its Warzone battle royale mode in favor of the new game.

Warzone Season 7 is most likely to happen

If there is one thing that Activision is most likely to do, it’s that they will continue Warzone towards the next title. Ever since Activision released the battle royale game, it became so successful that they had no other choice but to continue it.

In fact, the game has attracted over 75 million players since March. Furthermore, with the release of the new season, more and more players are starting to play the battle royale game. The new features and the introduction of a new subway system have made the game more exciting.

The big question, though, is how would the developers of Black Ops Cold War incorporate Warzone into the new game?

Activision has a reputation for alternating between developers. Infinity Ward, for example, was the studio behind Modern Warfare and Warzone. Black Ops Cold War would have a different developer. Treyarch, a frequent Activision collaborator, is helming the new Call of Duty project.

The problem with differing developers

Having different developers is one of the big reasons why most Call of Duty games are different from one another. In terms of gameplay, mechanics, and design, each developer adds their own flavor and color to their projects.

In fact, from the recently released gameplay trailer for Black Ops Cold War, one could already see a massive difference from Modern Warfare. Many even criticized the new game for its overly simplistic gameplay as compared to the current Call of Duty title.

So one can only wonder how Treyarch would make the Warzone battle royale mode a part of Black Ops Cold War. This is because the battle royale employs the same gameplay and style as Modern Warfare.

Possible Modern Warfare Season 7?

Activision has not confirmed a seventh season for Modern Warfare as of yet. However, some in-game content suggests the possibility of a new season for the current game. A marketing material for season 6 says that the COD Points earned from this season can be used to purchase the Season 7 battle pass.

But the problem with this is that no one knows yet whether the next season will be associated with Modern Warfare. This is because season 6 ends on November 24, the day Activision will supposedly launch Black Ops Cold War.

When Black Ops Cold War arrives, there is no doubt most players would be moving from Modern Warfare.  Since a massive player decrease is imminent for Modern Warfare, it is more likely that Activision wouldn’t continue it.

So in conclusion, Warzone season 7 is highly possible but not for Modern Warfare.


Featured image courtesy of Call of Duty/Activision

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