SCAM ALERT: Will the real Alex Saunders please stand up?

Alex Saunders Scam
Alex Saunders from Nugget's News Australia.

The man affectionately known as ‘Nugget’ within Australia’s cryptocurrency community is being impersonated by scammers.

Alex Saunders, who runs YouTube channel ‘Nugget’s News,’ has busted a number of people assuming his identity to try and con Australians out of their hard-earned crypto.

“People always told me haters and scammers would come once you reach a certain point, but it’s still crazy to see!” Mr Saunders said.

Somewhat amusingly, the impersonators were spotted after they sent emails to the Nugget’s News subscriber list, which includes Mr Saunders’ own email address.

Alex Saunders Scam
One of the fake emails being sent to Nugget’s News’ followers

“Hello Alex,” one scammer began.

“This is just a way to wish you a very successful year ahead of us.

“I would see to it that we achieve a lot of goals this year with more posts, information and researches (sic) coming from my channel.”

While Mr Saunders (the real one) sees the funny side, he is also concerned for his followers and has issued them a warning.

“We will never email our followers from a gmail account,” he said.

“Our official emails will always come from an @nuggetsnews account, but people should realise even those addresses can be copied.

“If anyone is in doubt, they should contact [email protected]

“We will soon switch to an Australian email security platform called ‘Mailguard,’ which should solve some of these problems.”

Alex Saunders Scam
Another scam noticed by Mr Saunders promises free Ethereum.

Nugget’s News has been an internet sensation since the explosion of interest in cryptocurrencies in 2017.

The YouTube channel currently has more than 34,000 subscribers, while his paid Facebook and Slack group continues to attract followers.

People can sign up to the group for a monthly or annual fee to receive educational information and resources relating to the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

Alex Saunders Scam
A scammer who tried to impersonate a Nugget’s News employee on Telegram.

Alex Saunders was rated as Australia’s third most influential blockchain pioneer in a recent Micky feature article. You can read it here.

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