Will the Winklevoss twins build a decentralized YouTube?

Will the Winklevoss twins build a decentralized YouTube?

One of the Winklevoss twins — the world’s first Bitcoin billionaires — is hinting on a ‘free speech,’ decentralized version of YouTube.

There has been a lot of hostility recently against Google’s video platform YouTube over its heavy-handed censorship.

A “free speech” version is needed, but will it be built by the Winklevoss twins?

Not only has YouTube been censoring and closing cryptocurrency-related channels, but it now removes any content it “deems inappropriate” regarding COVID-19.

Will the Winklevoss twins build a decentralized YouTube?

This means that only YouTube bosses can decide what viewers can watch, whether the content is factual or not.

Fake news and misinformation is a major problem, especially on social media platforms such as Facebook. However, there needs to be a balance between outright censorship and free speech.

One of the Winklevoss twins, Gemini crypto exchange CEO Tyler Winklevoss, recently tweeted about the need for a decentralized video platform, adding:

“The ‘Why’ in the pitch deck will be Free Speech. Users own and control their own content, they are not serfs but rather their own masters, etc.”

In today’s world where centralized corporations such as Google and Facebook control a massive portion of what people see, decentralized alternatives are desperately desired so that people can make their own choices.

A video platform where content creators are paid in crypto by those that like the video and can control their own channels without fear of grand overseer censoring things would be a breath of fresh air.

However, whether the Winklevoss twins will create a decentralized YouTube remains to be seen.

Images courtesy of TechCrunch/Flickr, StockSnap/Pixabay

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