Will Tesla automobile become new ultimate gaming console?

Tesla has introduced its ultimate gaming console as the new Tesla Arcade is gradually shifting the driving and gaming scene.

Elon Musk is a gamer from way back. His long and early love of computer games has led him to program, which led to Zip2, PayPal, and Tesla.

The New Tesla Arcade should not come off as a surprise for riders. Now riders can play their games with a side screen attached to the car, while the steering wheel is the controller.

How cool is that?

Tesla may be the first automaker, which is including “in-car gaming” while riders drive. But as the automobile industry is slowly moving towards a competitive sport, it surely won’t be the last.

Mercedes Benz has introduced a gaming system for its CA Coupe, and the other manufacturers seem to follow.

Meanwhile, there will be new games that will be developed and available on their platforms. It is undoubtedly a surprising thing that the in-gaming has still not become a big thing.

Automobiles are indeed emerging and evolving into something better and more prominent. Initially, they were just a means of communication, but, they appear to be more in this generation.

Automobiles right now are digitally connected living spaces where we are likely to be entertained all the time.

How is the new Tesla arcade shaping the future?

In the surprise of events, the new Tesla Arcade is indeed a win-win for the automobile industry.

It will consist of a powerful gaming system and unit while riders can concentrate on driving simultaneously. In-car gaming is a lot more sophisticated than many others thinking it to be.

Right now, drivers can play games like Asteroids or Mario Kart while driving and how cool would that be?

Many automakers are trying to generate better income values from their streaming systems soon. Tesla is doing all kinds of updates like the optional over-the-air upgrades too.

Gaming is one of the significant sectors that Tesla is trying to divulge. So many riders have come up with a fundamental concern regarding gaming and driving.

As Tesla has already powered users with “self-driven cars,” one can quickly learn how to drive and game simultaneously.

A lot of us have spent a lot of our time migrating onto the screens for the pandemic. With the growing and increasing numbers and popularization of gaming units, these automakers surely can profit their way up to the top.


Image courtesy of Photosite/Shutterstock

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