Will Xbox Lockhart finally be announced? More news coming this August

Will Xbox Lockhart finally be announced? More news coming this August

The highly speculated lighter version of the Xbox Series X, the Xbox Lockhart, might reportedly be unveiled this August.

This isn’t the first wave of news about the Xbox Lockhart and its probable August unveiling. But, some fresh hints were picked up from the Xbox boss himself, Phil Spencer.

Xbox boss confirming an August Xbox event?

Phil Spencer recently had a digital interview with the Same Brain podcast after the Xbox Series X Games Showcase. The video of the interview was also uploaded on one of the host’s YouTube channel, iJustine.

As the three talked about Halo Infinite and how the Xbox platform has expanded over time, adding in the impressive work that the backward compatibility team is doing in terms of fixing the frame rate on older games, Spencer spoke about being “encouraged to be able to talk more” on such details.

Nevertheless, Spencer says that he might have more to say on that by August. Per media reports, there hasn’t been any event officially announced for Xbox, let alone for the Xbox Series X. Although, they did commit to monthly events to showcase the new console.

Microsoft’s gaming arm just finished its event last week, and there was no reminder of another event to tune in on for next month. With this little hint, the rumor mill went wild with theories for the news that might come into light come August.

Will Xbox Lockhart be finally be announced?

What we know for a certain, based on the discussion in the podcast, the Xbox chief and the team will likely introduce more about the backward compatibility capabilities of the Xbox Series X.

However, the confirmation of an unknown August announcement also made the gaming community look back on the previous rumors that Xbox Lockhart will be introduced next month.

Based on Venturebeat‘s report from last June, it was noted that Xbox has two next-gen consoles in the pipeline. The first one is already confirmed, the powerful Xbox Series X. The second one is allegedly the Series S, which is a lighter version of the console and more budget-friendly—likely codenamed Lockhart.

Just recently, supposed leaks of a white Xbox controller has been circulating online. This has just further strengthened the possibility of an Xbox Series S truly existing.

The media outlet then cites Eurogamerwhich also reported about the Xbox Lockhart or the Xbox Series S being announced this August.

Video Games Chronicle analyzes that more announcements penned for August are only fitting. This is reportedly the “traditional timeline for pricing and pre-order announcements.”

This could also mean the “potential Lockhart announcement,” for price layout and comparison of the two Xbox consoles.

Readers should note that Microsoft has already confirmed that it has stopped the productions of Xbox One and Xbox One S all-digital.

With August being only a few days away, we might be hearing from the Xbox team real soon. Since then, readers are reminded to take speculations and rumors with a grain of salt.


Featured image courtesy of Xbox/Facebook

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