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Win any 1v3 battles on ‘Apex Legends’ with these expert tips


Fighting a whole squad by yourself is all-too-common in Apex Legends. Thankfully, there are ways to stand out victorious despite the odds.

The odds not being in your favor provides one of the best thrills in gaming. In every game like Apex Legends, there will always be situations when a player is forced into a tight corner. Probably one of the most difficult situations to ever experience in a game is fighting alone against an entire enemy squad.

This often happens either because all the allies had fallen or when a player just happens to be ambushed alone. Regardless of the circumstances, getting out of such situations alive is no easy task.

Thankfully, there are ways for a player to survive against an entire squad all on his own.

Winning a 1v3 fight in Apex Legends

Apocallypsee, an Apex Legends player, recently took to Reddit to offer invaluable tips to win one versus three fights in the game. The guide posted by the Redditor came with a video showing him soloing a battle against the enemy team.

According to the Redditor, there are five (5) golden rules to winning 1v3 fights on Apex Legends.

Use enemies’ overconfidence in your favor

Facing a single opponent can make any team feel overconfident. Most teams would think that a single enemy is no threat, making them feel invincible. But in most cases, quality trumps quantity.

According to Apocallypsee, players can take advantage of the enemy team’s overconfidence. Make them think that you are not a threat and utilize the surroundings and your abilities to your advantage.

Split the enemies

Picking the enemy off one by one is definitely much easier than taking all three of them head-on. This is probably the most important thing to do during these types of fights.

By splitting them off, you would be able to fight them at your own pace and not feel pressured or overwhelmed.

5 golden rules of 1vs3s (1min) – more details in the comments! from apexlegends

Always thirst the first guy

When you knock an enemy down, make sure to annihilate them completely. This ensures that the enemy team won’t be able to revive or heal their comrades. It’s okay to be a little greedy during 1v3 fights because the cards are already against you.

Failing to thirst an enemy could waste all of a player’s efforts and have him start all over again.

Use high grounds for advantage and mind games

Making use of high ground would give you plenty of advantages. You would be able to carefully plan out where to attack or ambush your enemies, hide when the situation gets tough, and pick them off one by one.

Afterward, effectively confuse them using the advantage of the position to separate and surprise them. Mind games are always the way to go when the going gets tough.

Take advantage of cover

Your surroundings would provide you the best defense. When you are put into a tight spot and you are low in health, you can effectively use your surroundings as a cover while you recuperate.

Taking advantage of the cover and utilizing tight corners and angles can just help you stay on top of a 1v3 fight in Apex Legends.

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