Win every ‘Call of Duty Warzone’ match by doing infinite sprinting

One thing that stands out to casual players is the amazing movement showcased by experienced players through infinite sprinting and slide cancelling.

Both Call of Duty Warzone and Modern Warfare, have become really competitive games. The key to winning matches in these games require adequate knowledge of the mechanics and being good with the joysticks.

A new move

One of the best moves in the game is slide cancelling which allows a player to do infinite sprints. These moves have become as important as shooting and aiming.

If someone is to watch a pro player’s stream right now, each player will be infinite sprinting and slide cancelling all over the map.

Infinite sprinting provides the ability to move around the map at outstanding speeds. It also allows quicker aiming and the advantage of gliding in tight corners to jump on unsuspecting enemies.

How to do infinite sprinting

The first thing a player will need to do is go to the game’s settings and access the controller option menu. Look for Slide Behavior then change it to Tap.

It will take a few practices to master this change in gameplay However, players need to master this to be able to use slide canceling and infinite sprinting.

To do the slide cancel:

  • Begin tactical sprinting
  • Tap slide button
  • Tap the slide button again right before the sliding animation is finished

Players can cross over the map quicker by doing this move infinitely. This move is especially effective around tight corners and in places enemies usually appear.

Have the advantage

Doing the infinite sprinting technique with the right timing can surprise opponents and leave them vulnerable. In addition, a close combat gun such as an SMG or shotgun is a great partner to this devastating move.

Utilizing infinite sprinting to get away from Warzone’s deadly storm will be really helpful. There are plenty of Gas Masks in the game to null the damage from the storm.

However, players usually get stuck and will need to outrun the gas. Thus, the ability to consistently sprint around is amazing.

Warzone’s gameplay is a bit slower compared to Modern Warfare. However, doing the slide cancels and infinite sprinting techniques can have significant advantage over a player who is slowly checking a corner.

Players can also consider using the Graun gun setup which features quick firing and fast movement in close combat. This AR gun partnered with infinite sprinting is considered as one of the deadliest combos in the game.

Featured image courtesy of ChrisBeBallin/Youtube Screenshot

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