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Windows 10 Update disables Windows Defender, Microsoft users at risk


The latest Windows 10 update caused a serious problem for Microsoft users. The automatic update shuts down Windows Defender leaving computers at risk.

Microsoft’s latest update on Windows 10 caused its built-in antivirus to stop functioning. Users complained about the unusual behavior on their Windows Defender after the patch.

Windows 10 users yesterday started getting various responses upon running the Windows Defender on their devices. They said that the scanning will start normally and end almost halfway saying “Threat service has stopped.”

Some ranting Microsoft customers said their computer responded with “Unexpected error. Sorry, we ran into a problem. Please try again.” Others received an instruction to restart their device yet end up with the same error response again and again.

Windows 10 users are pointing their fingers to the Security Intelligence 1.313.1638.0. It was an automatic update that was pushed yesterday by the software tech giant.

What awaits the Windows 10 users

Most users testified that their antivirus program was running perfectly the day before the update. Now they are experiencing the same problem both with the quick and full scan process.

With the Windows Defender behaving in such a manner, Windows 10 users are left with hesitation on the security of their devices. Millions of Windows 10 users around the world depend mainly on its built-in defender and do not use third-party antivirus.

What can Windows 10 users do

According to a report, there is a way to correct the issue with the malfunctioning Windows Defender. They found out that there are certain files ending in two dots that caused the built-in anti-virus to stop in the middle of the process.

Windows 10 users need to rename the said files to have their Windows Defender to function once again. Moreover, deleting the files might help as well.

Steps on how to fix the bug

Users should open the Event Viewer and head over to Applications and Services logs. On the drop-down menu select Microsoft, click Windows and select Windows Defender and finally click Operational.

The Windows 10 user must then look for the filename “crash exception code 0xc00000005.” Clicking the said file will lead them to another list of filenames.

Once the files are located, users can proceed to finding the files ending with two dots. They may choose to rename or delete the files permanently. Deleting the files does not affect the system in any way.

After completing the process, the users may now try to run their Windows Defender system scan. If the same error occurs, restart the device and run the scan again.

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