Windows 10X refocuses on single screen instead of dual screen

Windows 10X refocuses on single screen instead of dual screen

Windows 10X will refocus on single-screen devices rather than the originally planned dual-screen launch.

Microsoft today confirmed that there could be a major change with the Windows 10X plans. The software giant said that it is considering launching the latest update for single-screen devices.

Microsoft is not turning away from the original Windows 10X plan of releasing the update along with the dual-screen devices. The company clarified that focusing the update on a single screen is the giant’s way of helping customers to explore more.

Windows 10X on single screen due to COVID 19

The software giant said it came up to the decision to refocus the Windows 10X to a single screen due to the COVID 19. People across the globe are now turning to their Windows PCs during lockdown more than ever.

Panos Panay, Microsoft’s Windows and devices chief said that the world is very different now than when they shared the vision. In October last year, Microsoft introduced its plan for dual-screen devices on the new category.

FILE PHOTO: Garment workers return from a workplace as factories reopened after the government has eased the restrictions amid concerns over the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak in Dhaka, Bangladesh, May 4, 2020. REUTERS/Mohammad Ponir Hossain/File Photo

The coronavirus pandemic pushed employees to work from home and students to attend their online classes. This kind of demand increase is higher than Apple’s 75% annual boost.

Aside from refocusing on the single screen instead of the dual-screen, Windows 10X will roll out with its original features. It will showcase a modern Windows interface, simplified and stripped back.

Microsoft’s next software launch will boast at modernized UI and UX. Windows 10X users could expect the restoration of the Start menu, the quick access to settings as part of the improved basics.

As of the moment, Microsoft did not release any detailed statement on the Windows 10X release. Followers await the confirmation on when the 10X will land the single-screen laptops.

One thing is sure, the upcoming update will first launch on single-screen devices. The OS launch on the dual-screen devices will follow.

Panay explained that the company will look for the right moment. He added that they will wait for their OEM partners on when the dual-screen will devices will come to the market.

Windows 10X features

Following the vision that Microsoft shared in October, then the public already has a glimpse of what the Windows 10X will offer. The streamlined OS comes as part of the list as well as the more cloud-powered virtualization.

Microsoft did not provide further details on the Windows 10X release. However, Panay assured that they will share how the software giant will make it easier to for all 1 billion users by reducing complexity for developers.

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