Windows 11 leaked images on Internet

Windows 11 leaked images; the new operating system seems to have a new design.

Windows 11 has been teased several times these days, and now it seems that some screenshots of Microsoft’s upcoming operating system have surfaced on the Internet.

CNET reported that Twitter user @Tom Warren shared some pictures of what he called Windows 11. If these are still unofficial pictures to be believed, they represent a complete transformation of Windows 10.

These pictures should be originally posted on the Chinese page. It’s called Baidu-the biggest visual change is the macOS-style system tray layout and the icon in the middle.

The start menu also has a new look and a new start and start sound. However, despite the macOS-like layout, it seems that Windows 11 has more or less the same standard color palette as its predecessor.

macOS-style Windows 11 look

Verge also said that some elements of the updated UI and start menu are very similar to those of Windows 10X, a “lightweight” version of Windows 10 that was retired earlier this year.

When this project was canceled, it is said that most of its functions will be implemented in the next operating system, and it seems to be here too. In addition, according to TechPowerUp, the recently added “News and Interests” feature is more advanced. The above feature is one of the latest updates Microsoft has recently released to Windows 10.

Although it feels not “complete,” this has caused many users to find a way to turn it off. Windows 11 is coming, and Microsoft has pointed out the so-called “next generation of Windows” in recent weeks.

Windows 11 new looks out

Although there is no news that the next operating system will be called Windows 11, people still call it that, especially with Windows 10. In addition, the Microsoft logo was decorated on a building in Chevy Chase, Maryland, on May 19, 2021.

Microsoft said it was the discontinuation of Internet Explorer. A browser developed more than 25 years ago. Now, as people use Google, Competitors such as Chrome or Apple Safari are abandoned.

For those who don’t know yet, Microsoft announced one year before the end of the Windows 10 life cycle: 2025, 10 years after the operating system was launched in 2015 because the jump from 7 to 10 occurred only six years ago.

Windows 11 takes a little longer than usual, but maybe this is the best. Microsoft plans to release the next version of its global operating system on June 24, which is very close. The event will be the company’s direct response to Apple’s recently completed WWDC.

The next generation of Windows knows very little about the operating system itself. What can users expect? On June 24th, if people want to see a compelling reason to update Windows 10, Microsoft will provide an indispensable weapon, although many errors and features were removed at the last minute.

However, with the user interface redesign, Windows 11 may be more than just a new layer of paint. In the meantime, the operating system will focus on improving its capabilities as a multimedia development tool.

Do you remember people saying that macOS is more conducive to creativity? In the work area. But no one knew until the day of exposure.


Image courtesy of TechTalkTV/YouTube

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