Windows 365, Subscription-based cloud PC: Microsoft

For the first time, Windows 365 provides a new way to access the complete Windows operating system from anywhere through desktops, laptops, and even mobile devices.

Microsoft announced the debut of Windows 365 at its partner-centric Inspire 2021 virtual conference on Wednesday. The proposal implemented the cloud PC concept and was announced as the latest Microsoft product suitable for remote working environments. Since the coronavirus pandemic last year, remote working environments have become ubiquitous.

Moreover, Microsoft has announced that Windows 365 will be fully available to enterprises of all sizes starting August 2nd. It is designed to provide a complete computing experience on any device with an active Internet connection through its own application or web browser. It will apply to all devices, including Mac, iPad, Linux, and even Android phones.


Windows 365 has two configurations as Business Edition and Enterprise Edition. Detailed pricing information will be announced. However, Ed. Windows 365 features with Windows 365. Microsoft is committed to providing an experience with a traditional Windows PC’s look, feel, and security. But can be accessed through a native application or a web browser.

With Microsoft cloud integration, you can access Windows 365 when switching between multiple devices. It allows users to access the full version of Windows 10 (or Windows 11, if available) directly from the application or web browser. Users can also access their applications, tools, data, and settings from the cloud they want on their PC.

And you can get the same experience no matter what device you use since the service runs in the cloud. Moreover, there is no difference in performance when switching from one device to another. Although Microsoft already provides Azure virtual desktops for providing Windows to corporate customers through the cloud.

It strives to provide virtualization that does not require specialized IT support. Microsoft IT administrators stated that they could use the same tools as physical PCs to manage and deploy Windows 365 cloud PCs.

Vangi said that For companies that want to try virtualization for various reasons but cannot do it, Windows 365 would indeed play a big role. These reasons may be too expensive, too complicated, or inexperienced.


Microsoft 365 CEO McLevy mentioned that Windows 365 would support business applications such as Microsoft 365, Dynamic 365, and Power Platform. Microsoft Endpoint Manager will also work with Windows 365, so IT teams can manage the cloud. PCs are deployed in their organizations, and management and security policies are applied remotely from their devices.

Windows 365 also comes with an Endpoint Analytics dashboard that provides analysis and access to view the Internet connection status of the entire network. There is also a new watchdog service that enables IT professionals to perform diagnostics and provide remote access. And it also aims to use a zero-trust architecture to solve some of today’s security challenges.

The service comes with multi-factor authentication (MFA), which can be integrated with Microsoft Azure Active Directory to verify logins or try to access cloud PCs. Certain permissions such as licensing, device management, and cloud PC management are delegated according to certain rules.

You can also use Microsoft Defender for Endpoint to improve security. Microsoft also stated that all managed drives running are encrypted, all data stored at rest are encrypted, and all network traffic to and from the PC is encrypted.

However, the coronavirus outbreak has helped Microsoft test cloud services on a larger scale than ever before. Microsoft Office 365 was replaced with Microsoft 365 last year.


Image courtesy of Microsoft 365/YouTube

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