Winklevoss twins bringing Bitcoin to the big screen with ‘Bitcoin Billionaires’

Winklevoss twins bringing Bitcoin to the big screen with 'Bitcoin Billionaires'

Bitcoin bulls Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss have teamed up with Greg Silverman’s Stampede Ventures to produce a feature film adaptation of the book “Bitcoin Billionaires.”

The Winklevoss twins were made famous for their involvement in the early days of Facebook.

They have since ventured into a number of high profile investments and have been very bullish on Bitcoin and the crypto industry, launching their own Gemini exchange in 2015.

The bestselling non-fiction book, “Bitcoin Billionaires,” was written by Ben Mezrich as a follow up to his “The Accidental Billionaires,” the basis for the Oscar-winning film The Social Network.

The movie will tell the story of how the brothers risked everything after a legal battle with Mark Zuckerberg, and eventually became the world’s first Bitcoin billionaires.

Deadline quotes Greg Silverman, who will be co-producing the flick with the twins, saying:

“This is Rocky II meets Wall Street in a world filled with unique and mesmerizing characters. This is going to make an incredible film.”

While the media outlet also quotes the twins, adding:

“Whether you are a longtime HODLer or have just arrived, we think you will enjoy the colorful, frontier days of the cryptocurrency revolution that Ben Mezrich has deftly captured in Bitcoin Billionaires.”

There were no further details on a timeline for the production.

Featured image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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