Cryptonovae improves on MetaTrader, bringing powerful Charting Engine to crypto


Let’s be real – today’s cryptocurrency exchanges seldom provide unique trading tools or advanced charting engines that would compete with those that traditional traders have been using for years.

Most platforms only differentiate themselves via branding, volume, and adjacent services. Even so, charting engines like TradingView and MT4 have their shortcomings so simply integrating them won’t guarantee success.

Born from the ambition to bolster innovation, Cryptonovae is building an all-inclusive trading ecosystem. Uniquely positioned at the intersection between crypto and traditional trading, Cryptonovae conceived a charting engine that’ll soon become a force to be reckoned with. Combined with highly modular features, multi-exchange support, a marketplace, and the $YAE native token (DuckDAO IDO imminent), Cryptonovae will achieve market renown.

Inside Cryptonovae’s Turbocharged Charting Engine

Those who’ve relied on TradingView for technical analysis are well-aware of how time-consuming setting up chart engines is. So much so that most people are never keen on going through the process twice.

Cryptonovae is not a fan of friction-intensive processes, quite the contrary! In response to rising market demands for better charting solutions, Cryptonovae has created an intuitive, modular, and sophisticated charting engine that makes trading a breeze for both novice and experienced users.

What to expect from the charting engine? Quite a lot, actually! Here’s an overview:

  • Cohesive multi-window organization of trading pairs originating from CEX and DEX platforms.
  • Custom-tailored indicators and drawing tools designed to enable complex technical analysis, with user-generated options available via the marketplace.
  • Advanced trading tools from TV/MT4, but adapted to the unique demands of crypto traders.
  • One-click and on-chart take profits and stop losses for all positions, with a clean P&L interface.
  • Support for multiple custom timeframes that aid ongoing price trend monitoring
    Seamless integration of automated trading algorithms.
  • Simple and detachable trading tabs organization.
  • More waiting to be discovered, so do give the beta version a try, once testing begins approximately 8 weeks after the token sale ends.

Best of All Worlds

Perhaps one of Cryptonovae’s core selling points consists of its originality. After all, there’s nothing to expect but progressive innovation upon bringing together a team of financial software developers, blockchain enthusiasts, technical analysts, and professional traders with decades of industry experience.

To learn more, follow Cryptonovae on Twitter, Medium, Discord, and Telegram.

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