Wishing to catch Slowbro in ‘Pokemon Go’? Check out this guide

This guide will help Pokemon Go players to catch the Water and Psychic-type Pokemon.

If players have played Pokemon Go, they would know that Slowbro is one of the most useful Pokemon series. Appearing in the anime for the first time, it might appear to players that this Pokemon is good for nothing.

But in reality, Water and Psychic-type Pokemons are something that players can use to their own advantage. With the help of this guide, we shall help you find out the guide to take Mega Pokemon Go in their Pokedex.

How can these Pokemon come to any use?

Having a Water and a Psychic-type Pokemon always works as a greater advantage for players. Thus because these type of Pokemons helps to eliminate enemies in an off chance, they are accommodating since the evolution does not cost much Stardust.

Slowbro, on the other hand, is a Water and Psychic-type Pokemon which have appeared in the anime and as well in the game. Slowbro comes from the evolved Slowpoke. It is weak against all the Ghost, Dark, Electric, and Grass-type Pokemons.

One of the main things about Slowbro is that it has the strongest move set in Confusion and even Psychic ability having a maximum CP of about 2545. This means that Slowbro can be rated as one of the highest and most qualified Pokemon from the game.

Players have to take help in the mega raids

Pokemon Go is a game of chasing all Pokemons with the help of the player’s smartphone. Since it is an augmented reality game, it asks the players to focus their smartphone’s camera to one point so that the characters can appear on the screen while the players catch them all.

During the raid of Slowbro, players might find out that there is a Shelder attached to its tail, and it shows as if it is biting and sticking around. As a result, Slowbro’s tail can no longer be used for fishing. One of the main disadvantages of having Slowbro is that it does not go for swimming and catching prey.

Pokemon Go players have to understand that they can’t catch the evolved Slowbro directly from the raid. In fact, there is every mega raid boss that will be catchable in their base form.

This is why their range of CP is higher than the regular Slowbro. Since the mega raids are far more difficult than the usual raids, players must be tactful when catching Pokemons.

So when someone is going against Slowbro, they have to choose 5 players at least. One has Mega Gyarados with a Bite and Crunch, and the other is Zekrom with optimal charge beam and wild charge.


Image courtesy of Poké AK/YouTube

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