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Witness the first-ever weather week in ‘Pokemon Go’


Pokemon Go Weather Week is going to be all new as this new event will focus on bringing more wild-type Pokemons to the list.

The Pokemon Go Weather Week is the brand new addition to the game as this event will feature all the special type of pokemons, even a brand new shiny release which has been available in the main series.

The team says that the new Pokemon Go Charge Up event fills the air with excitement as players can now catch all their favorite electric-type pokemons. The new Weather Week is about displaying pokemons who enjoy the rainy or windy conditions in the wild.

When will this season be online?

The date and time of this season are set for March 24th, Monday to March 29th, at the player’s local time, respectively.

Players can catch all wild-type pokemons and get extra Stardust. Shiny Rainy Form Castform will make its first debut in this event of Pokemon Go. New spring-themed avatar items will also be available in the Pokemon Go shop.

Castform is said to be starting to appear more in the wild throughout the event alongside all the other pokemons who tend to appear when it is rainy or windy like, Wingull or even Ducklett.

The new debut of the shiny form of Castform is a huge debut for Weather Week. It has never appeared before any pokemon game.

While, as players know, Meltan made its appearance in Pokemon Go previously, but the shiny form of this pokemon was not available. But this is not the same with Castform, as only the shiny form of this debut pokemon will be available for the Weather Week.

What are the various tasks in this event?

The developers have not said anything about the details of Weather Week and the types of tasks to be present for players.

Most of the tasks will be coordinated as event-exclusive field research tasks during the event encounter. Developers said that they are likely to share more information when the right time comes.

There is exclusive timed research that is available for the Weather Week as well. Up next, there is no other information that has been shared with players yet.

As the Weather Week concludes, Therian Forme Thundurus will be leaving the 5-star raid. Make sure that the players stay tuned for more details that are going to come up regarding the events and types of pokemons available.

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