Wizardry battle royale ‘Spellbreak’ will be free to play this year


Anime battle royale Spellbreak will come later this year, promising to launch as a free-to-play game. Dev team Proletariat announced the move to get more players in.

Spellbreak is a wizardry battle royale that is reminiscent of Harry Potter. Instead of shooting each other with bullets, players use powerful magic to attack. The magic battles are insane, filled with a ton of nuanced gameplay.

Choose from six elements and mix and match your powers

For those who are not yet aware of its existence, Spellbreak is a superb wizardry title. Players pick as a mage type of their choosing, working as their base build. From there, players can mix and match their elemental types and get more power.

Players can start as either a Pyromancer, a Conduit, or a Tempest. Wizards can also play as a Toxicologist, a Stoneshaper, or a Frostborn. Each element has its strengths and weaknesses, and would-be wizards can take advantage.

Stoneshaper skills are more direct attacks, while Pyromancers rely on damage over time. The difference with every elemental class is evident so that players can take on roles.
Players can also combine their spells for more devastating effects. It’s not even a simple explosion that does the trick.

Would-be wizards can make molten jagged earth shoot towards enemies. They can use fire tornados and even poisons to their advantage.

Wizards can fly around the battlefield and traverse the field. Maps are super big, so exploring the entire locale is a must to find treasures and ruins. Everything also comes out as a cel-shaded style a la Breath of the Wild.

The game is superbly scalable, allowing crossplay between PC and consoles. Players jetting around the world and blasting fire against each other would be a treat.

Spellbreak is easy to learn and fun to play

Spellbreak is one of those games that the average player would enjoy for sure. It’s easy to play and has a very smooth learning curve. The game is on the Epic Games Store and allowed public alpha and beta for a while now.

Those who wanted to join the fun early can get the Founders’ Pack. This package allows alpha and beta testing, together with a hefty sum of funds. The in-game currency will be ready once the game releases in full.

There isn’t an official release date for the game yet. Proletariat says it will come later this year, which bodes well for the title. Not only is it cool, but it’s also super enjoyable to play with friends.

For players who want to feel like a part of The Last Airbender, Spellbreak is a great game. It’s easy to pick up a title that takes no time to learn.

Featured image courtesy of Proletariat/Youtube Screenshot

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