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Wolverine casting: Keanu Reeves wants the role, jokes it’s ‘too late’


Keanu Reeves made a mark as Neo in The Matrix, but he recently admitted that he wants to play another iconic role: Frank Miller’s Wolverine for Marvel.

Also known for his John Wick movies, Reeves has long been rumored to be in discussions with Marvel Studios for a potential role. Speculations have been flying that he’s in contention for Ghost Rider or Moon Knight. However, he had his eye on Wolverine all along.

Speaking on Andy Cohen’s radio show on SiriusXM, Reeves said that he “always wanted to play Wolverine.” His Bill & Ted Face the Music co-star, Alex Winter, said that it’s still not too late for him to snag the part, but Reeves thinks otherwise.

“It is too late. It was filled really well,” Reeves said with a laugh. “I’m all good with it now.”

Hugh Jackman’s success as the mutant

In 2000, Australian actor Hugh Jackman debuted as the iconic character in the X-Men film franchise and went on to play the role for nearly two decades. Retiring as Wolverine/Logan in 2017, Jackman said that he formed a very personal attachment to the character and feels very protective of it.

“When you try to make the definitive movie about a character, for me, I think what’s always defined him or what makes him really cool and bad…what people love about him – is actually his humanity more than his superhero abilities,” Jackman said when he bid goodbye to the role. “When you play a character for 17 years, and I knew in my heart this was the right time, then instantly I was very excited about what we could do but also very protective.”

Hollywood rumors suggested that Reeves was considered for the part alongside Jackman, Mel Gibson, and Edward Norton. At that time, however, Reeves was working on The Matrix trilogy and could not commit to the X-Men franchise.

Meanwhile, Jackman recently revealed in Jimmy Fallon’s late-night show that he wasn’t too keen on the role in the beginning. He discussed what went on in his 20-second audition, where he was sure he wouldn’t be cast as Wolverine.

Rumors of a big comeback

Since Jackman’s retirement, the Marvel fandom has been abuzz with rumors that the studio plans to use the character for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). They also want Jackman to come back, but Logan director James Mangold said he’ll be startled if the actor straps on as Wolverine again.

Mangold said that it would take a really good story for Jackman to reprise the role. Otherwise, if it’s a matter of money, then it would “cheapen the quality” of giving Wolverine a powerful ending in Logan.

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