Wolverine standard, classic skin now available at ‘Fortnite’

Wolverine Classic costume in Fortnite

Fortnite’s latest season has finally reached week six and, as its tradition, continues to bring in more challenge into the game.

This week, we see another challenge to add to Wolverine’s existing challenges. If completed, it gets players to unlock Wolverine’s standard and alternate costume.

The latest season pass owners can now unlock Wolverine’s standard outfit. Particularly the one that mixes the colors of yellow, light blue, and black. Possibly, this mutant’s most prominent costume yet.

However, Wolverine does not only have a single costume throughout his abundant presence in the comics. At some point, this mutant also wore a costume that, while shares the exact form as the aforementioned, appear differently in terms of its color scheme. This alternative costume, the Wolverine Classic costume, sees an assortment of brown, yellow, and black hues.

If you are a late-comer or is simply late in owning the latest battle pass, here’s a rundown on how you can unlock both costumes.

Unlocking regular Wolverine costume

Unlocking Wolverine’s standard costume should be a pretty straightforward affair. The condition for players was to complete the previous weeks’ challenges and, ultimately, beat Wolverine in a fight.

There’s a total of five challenges that need completion before the face-off with the X-Men superhero, and these are as follows:

  • Investigate Claw Marks (Unlock Berserker Barrage Spray)
  • Find the Loading Screen at Quinjet Patrol Site (Unlocks Adamantium Slash Loading Screen)
  • Find the Sentinel Head at Dirty Docks (Unlocks Wolverine’s Trophy Back Bling)
  • Launch off the Sentinel Hands Without Hitting the Ground (Unlocks Ferocious Weapon Wrap)
  • Locate the Trask Transport Truck (Unlocks the MCG Wolverine Glider)

With the five listed challenges completed, the next step is to simply find Wolverine in Weeping Woods while onboard a helicopter. Consequently, beating him in a battle would unlock his costume.

Unlocking Wolverine classic costume

Players who managed to snag Wolverine’s regular costume can unlock Wolverine’s alternate costume. The only condition is that players need to complete 10 unique challenges from weeks five or six.

There are plenty of challenges players can choose from. Some being easier or more difficult than others. But the key to fulfilling all 10 challenges is fastest when choosing to leave a match as soon as a challenge has been completed.

With a standard Wolverine costume and a further 10 challenges fulfilled, the Wolverine Classic costume will automatically unlock.

So that’s another addition of costume to the existing Marvel entries since the implementation of the Nexus War in Fortnite.

Image used courtesy of Comrad3s/YouTube Screenshot

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