‘Woman of the Year’ IU is fighting off the demons inside her

GQ Korea chose IU as the Woman of the Year, and she shares her music career journey and her insomnia battle.

The interviewer brought up IU’s 12th-anniversary concert, which she kept in Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.

Notably, the reporter mentioned that the song Knees that IU wrote are about the feelings of becoming an adult who was not able to sleep at night.

IU on guard against something

She commented that it seems that the reason that she tosses and turns at night is that she is on guard against something.

What she wrote is the simplified explanation for the mechanism behind insomnia that the hospital gave her.

IU continued that she sleeps well around one night out of three. After a good summer, her insomnia will worsen as it turns to autumn.

Even if she exercises a lot and spend time in the sunlight, she cannot sleep well every night.

The artist shared that she has insomnia since she was 20 years old. She thinks that she became suddenly busy, and her sleep patterns got messed up. If she falls into a deep sleep, it is harder for her to wake up.

Nowadays, she lives according to a steady routine if she is not promoting an album. She tries to wake up around nine or ten in the morning.

Before her routine, she usually wakes up at around two in the afternoon and turns to do stuff all day, and sleep around midnight.

The songwriting record

As per her music career, she is standing at 54 songs in her songwriting record. She thinks that the first songs are the ones she is the proudest of. The song called Full Stop, which Son Sung Je gave her the track, and IU wrote the lyrics.

It is calm and does not have an apparent climax, so it is not the type of song that automatically becomes a hit. However, he hopes that sometime it will be rediscovered and gets a moment in the spotlight.

IU also shared that she is planning to release a new album next year. The producer and IU already decided on the concept with greeting/farewell, which the word insa in Korean.

She wanted to share some words of insa to all her supporters, not in a sorrowful way but in a brilliant way.


Image courtesy of 1theK (원더케이)/YouTube Screenshot

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