Woman opened fire at McDonald’s employees over dispute on Corona Virus rule

McDonald's employees shot at its Oklahoma City branch

A disgruntled woman opened fire at a McDonald’s chain in Oklahoma City over a dispute in the premise that prohibits entry into the dining area due to strict coronavirus rule, injuring four employees in the process.

On Wednesday night, Gloricia Woody dropped by at the McDonald’s in Oklahoma City for a quick meal. Following a “takeout-only” and strict social distancing rule, the fast-food restaurant’s dine-in area is closed.

But Woody was not having any of such rule.

According to Larry Withrow, a captain in the OCPD, Woody tried to enter the dining hall but was refused, citing the implemented rule.

A Woman Scorned

Offended, Gloricia Woody went on an argument and subsequent altercation with one of the employees. In response, the attending employees drove the enraged customer out of the premise.

Driven out, Woody went back into the restaurant, pulled out a gun, and fired three times to the people inside.

One employee was hit directly by a bullet to the arm. Two also sustained wounds, but with shrapnel. A fourth employee also took a head injury but was not immediately identified what caused.

None of the affected victims sustained a fatal injury.

Following the shooting incident, Ms. Woody is caught not too far from McDonald’s. Currently in custody by the police, the suspect was charged with battery and assault.

The Suspect’s Defense

In a telephone interview with Ms. Woody’s mother, she claims that the suspect does not have yet a lawyer. She also says that her daughter went into rampage for a grave misunderstanding, leading to the dispute.

In her defense, Woody contends that she was there to place an order. And, that the employees ‘attacked’ her while taking a call in the restaurant.

Chief executive of McDonald Chris Kempczinski gave an interview on the matter with Good Morning America. Highlighting their employee’s stance for upholding public health safety, he claimed the ‘shooting’ as a heinous crime.

Issues Borne from Social Distancing

Despite poll results that show the majority in America showing support to the social distancing measure, not everyone agrees. In places where the ‘stiff’ measure is seen as a threat to civil liberty, the imposition of social distancing is not without blowbacks.

There had been even protesting by such people demanding the lifting of the social distancing measures as a result.

Stories of violence during the pandemic is not uncommon, however. Not too long ago, a security guard at a Family Dollar store was killed due to altercation with a customer who wouldn’t wear a protective mask.

Image used courtesy of YouTube/Talking Talking

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