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Wonder Girls’ Hyerim reveals insecurities for TWICE’s Jihyo


The former Wonder Girls member Hyerim reveals her insecurities after she met TWICE’s Jihyo as a trainee at JYP Entertainment.

On the November 29 episode of On Dream School of KBS 2TV, Hyerim went to talk about one of the recent happenings she knew.

She also offered advice and encouragement to some high school students preparing for the CSAT or Korea’s annual college entrance exam.

It has always been the passion

She shared her personal experience as an idol trainee. Hyerim commented that ever since she was young, she loves singing and dancing every after school.

She spent more time singing and dancing in front of the mirror. Then came the dream of becoming a girl group member.

She heard that JYP was holding an audition in Hong Kong. Hyerim decided to try out and leave her friends and family and go to Korea by herself. She did that because she wanted to become a singer even if life gets more challenging.

Hyerim felt insecure

However, Hyerim confessed that her time as a trainee was not good; none of it was happy and joyful.

She still remembers her first day as a trainee because it was Valentine’s Day in 2007. Hyerim even cried on her first day because she thought she is the prettiest and the best dancer.

As soon as she arrived in the practice room, everyone was much better than her and prettier.

TWICE’s Jihyo was there at that time, and she started to feel insecure. Her eyes were bigger than hers, and she said that Jihyo is pretty and talented.

Everything is worth it

Her self-esteem plummeted like a fish in a small pond that was moved to a vast ocean. Moreover, her story has a happy ending.

Despite feeling discouraged, Hyerim worked hard a lot as a trainee and successfully managed to debut as a member of Wonder Girls in 2010.

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