‘Wonder Woman 1984’: Director not confident for Christmas Day release

The highly anticipated release of the iconic movie, Wonder Woman 1984, should arrive on Christmas Day. However, Director Patty Jenkins admits that she is not confident if the movie will make it to December release.

Wonder Woman 1984 which stars Fast and Furious 6 actress, Gal Gadot is originally scheduled for theatrical release in December 2019. However, the movie had several changes in its release dates. Expected to be the biggest movie in Summer, the release date changed from June 5 to Aug. 14, and then again on Oct. 2, 2020.

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Warner Bros. holds for Dec. 25, 2020 release. And yet, Jenkins might make another delay as the industry is still dealing with the pandemic.

Director Jenkins confirms she is not confident with the December release

Although Wonder Woman is already the fourth installment in DC Extended Universe and gained stability in the market, Jenkins still doubts its outcome. In an interview with Variety, she shares her insight on the effect of COVID-19. She said:

“I don’t think anybody can be confident of anything right now. We just don’t know what the course of COVID is going to be like.”

Jenkins added:

“For the longest time, the only people who’d seen the movie were the people who’d worked on the movie. We just showed our own agents. That was thrilling, to finally get to talk to people who didn’t know what the movie was. But it’s super weird to go from making a movie with such detail and being so excited for the experience of people getting to share in that with you, and then just going on to cleaning your house and cooking.”

While the pandemic is still looming on the horizon, Jenkins confirms that she is still “very hopeful” that it will push through. She then added, “It feels totally possible to me.”

Pedro Pascal to play Maxwell Lord

The former Game of Thrones star, Pedro Pascal, has been handpicked by Jenkins to play the role of Maxwell Lord. Pascal also stars in the popular Star Wars franchise, Disney’s The Mandalorian. Jenkins explains that she has worked with Pascual in a TV pilot, Exposed.

The character of Maxwell Lord appears in 1987’s Justice League #1 comic issue. He also previously appeared on Supergirl and Smallville before landing on Woman Woman 1984. Although, it is yet unclear whether Pascual’s Maxwell Lord will completely take on the villainous character in the comics.

On a side note, Gal Gadot’s Diana will battle with a new enemy, The Cheetah, along with Maxwell Lord.


Image Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures/YouTube Screenshot

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