‘Wonder Woman: 1984’ drops rating from 90% to 66% on launch

Wonder Woman: 1984 is down to 66 percent on Rotten Tomatoes following the release of more reviews from critics and viewers.

Before its launch, Wonder Woman: 1984 had a “Certified Fresh” score of 90 percent. Upon the movie’s release in selected theaters and on the HBO Max streaming platform on Dec. 25, the aggregated scores started to trickle down.

The sequel, starring Gal Gadot as the iconic superhero, reached an average rating of 6.3/10 a day after its release, per Screen Rant. The general consensus from the critics revealed that the film “struggles with sequel overload.”

In contrast, the first Wonder Woman film, released in 2017, had a 95 percent score and an average rating of 7.7/10.

What went wrong with the sequel?

Critics mostly described Wonder Woman: 1984 as “narratively messy.” A reviewer from The New York Times pointed out that the film never explained why she’s actually back in action.

Many critics also said that the film’s running time is too long (2 hours and 31 minutes) and laden with poorly-written and problematic story development. One critic wrote that Gadot can do many things and can deliver, but she can’t save the film from being a misfire.

In general, the movie lacks the greatness of the first film.

Fans still love the movie

Despite the results, fans are still happy with Wonder Woman: 1984 for touching on the part of its original mythology. Other viewers said that the love story between Diana and Steve (Chris Pine), as well as the conflict within Max Lord (Pedro Pascal), brought them to tears.

Best of all, fans were thrilled about the post-credit cameo from Lynda Carter, the original Wonder Woman on television.

In the film, Carter briefly played Asteria, the most powerful Amazon warrior with her golden-winged suit. She’s the reason the Amazonians hold their physically exhaustive competitions in Themyscira, to honor her strength and courage.

But Carter’s cameo won’t likely expand to a third Wonder Woman film. Director Patty Jenkins said in interviews that she will consider a third movie if it will be screened on an actual theater and not via a streaming platform.

It comes after Warner Bros announced that all of their movies for 2021 will be out on its streaming platform. The COVID-19 pandemic changed much of the movie industry and the movie-viewing habits of the public.

Gadot also said that she’s not even sure if Wonder Woman 3 will get a green light from Warner Bros and DC. However, the actress said that she’s onboard if Jenkins has a good story in the works.


Image courtesy of Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

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