‘Wonder Woman 1984’ makes just $38.5 million in the first week

The Latest DC flick and Gal Gadot starrer Wonder Woman 1984 opened to a disappointing weekend upon its release with just $38.5 million.

According to Dhaka Tribune, Wonder Woman 1984 made an abysmal opening in China and overseas. While in China it made just $18.8 million, in international markets the figure stood at $38.5 million only.

Comparing it to its predecessor, in 2017, the latest collections are looking disastrous already because it is just the first week for the highly-awaited DCEU title!

“Wonder Woman 1984” box-office concerns

Even upon its arrival in China last Friday, it made half of the earnings than the local action flick The Rescue. Compared to the first part of Wonder Woman, three years ago, it generated nearly $91 million in the country. The collection is the overall total of the original installment made.

On the other hand, the sequel does not look any stronger to compete with its own predecessor, let alone new Chinese releases. However, the local film The Rescue itself is struggling to make more than its projections. It also made just under $36 million!

What these numbers show is the lack of enthusiasm of moviegoers towards cinema halls. And it’s shocking to witness that it appeared as if China was recovering in terms of box-office profits just a while ago. Plus, it’s been a good market for many superhero blockbusters in the past. But now, it seems like the situation is back to uncertainty due to rising cases of COVID-19.

Coming back to Wonder Woman 1984, then things are not looking perfect for the DCEU offering. And in overseas regions also, future predictions won’t be as great. It’s going to be released in India this week on the eve of Christmas. It will be interesting to see how it performs in this Asian region where superhero fans have been waiting for this film.

Future of upcoming theatrical releases

Although Warner Bros. faced a lot of bashing and criticism a few days back, to present all its upcoming films on HBO Max, it seems like there’s no other choice. But what’s concerning about the studio’s decision is the selection of a streaming service. Everyone knows that not many people use it and it has hardly made any big profit so far. Thus, the announcement regarding it being the main portal for future releases sparked huge controversy.

However, the theatrical release also doesn’t seem likely for the next three or four months. And it’s getting proved, again, with a weak debut of Wonder Woman 1984. No one would’ve expected such an opening for a huge awaited sequel since the last year. It may happen that many big-budget productions will only arrive on streaming platforms such as Disney Plus, HBO Max, or Netflix.


Image courtesy of Tinseltown/Shutterstock

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